CM Punk Spoiling Paul Heyman's Return, The Miz Buried, Brock Lesnar's Status In WWE, The Departure Of The Bella Twins

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A lot of professional sports leagues have rules against Tweeting before and during games. After CM Punk spoiling Paul Heyman's return, do you think should WWE adopt this policy as well?

WWE has policies in place regarding Twitter and have held multiple meetings about the proper way to use their accounts. CM Punk was in "rare form" yesterday and decided to Tweet a photo of Paul Heyman backstage about ten minutes before he came out. Punk has a lot of leeway backstage in WWE so I doubt much will be made of it but he's one of the few that could get away with such a stunt without repercussions.

Do you feel The Miz looked weak when Brodus Clay went over him last night on Raw Supershow? Is Brodus in line for a title shot?

There are no immediate plans for Brodus Clay to work in the main event and his character is being treated as comedic relief. I didn't like the booking of Clay going over The Miz and feel it made Miz look weak. The Miz has had backstage heat but I don't know the specific reason why the company has significantly scaled back his push.

What's Brock Lesnar's status with WWE?

Brock Lesnar is still with WWE, everything said by Paul Heyman on last night's Raw Supershow was a work. As for Heyman coming in, I have more details available at this link. Some people I spoke with were surprised Heyman returned on WWE TV so soon but it was widely expected coming out of last week's TV tapings.

Why were The Bella Twins fired from WWE?

The Bella Twins were "fired" not fired as they allowed their WWE contracts to expire and chose not to re-sign with the company. WWE turned the real-life situation into an angle by having Eve "fire" them to explain their departure.

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