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CM Punk Turning Heel, Both Champions Touring With Smackdown, Lesnar’s WWE Commitments, Sean Waltman’s Return

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Was CM Punk's attack on The Rock a heel turn or just a statement?

There has been talk for the last several weeks of turning CM Punk heel so when he attacked The Rock to conclude last week's 1000th episode of Raw I figured it was the company pulling the trigger. After speaking with my sources, I was able to outline the premise of the heel turn and wrote a detailed article here on Premium. Some people pointed out the fact Punk didn't work as a heel on this weekend's live events but that means nothing. Live events are outlined several weeks in advance and are not always indicative of what is going on with current story lines.

I was wondering why WWE would have both Sheamus and CM Punk on tour with Smackdown?

WWE booked CM Punk to tour with Smackdown in place of Randy Orton. Punk is seen as number two behind Cena so the thinking was to separate the two as the main draws of the company. With Orton returning, he's scheduled to begin touring again with Smackdown and Punk going back to Raw. Orton's first tour as the "face of Smackdown" is next week's loop in Japan.

Why is Brock Lesnar part-time or what does he do when he's not working for WWE? He obviously doesn't have UFC commitments.

Brock Lesnar despised the travel schedule in WWE and left because he hated life on the road. When he negotiated his return, he wanted as much money for as few dates as possible. Given his drawing power, Lesnar was able to work out a lucrative deal like we've never seen before. One thing everyone needs to understand is Lesnar is not engaged what-so-ever with what's going in WWE. He's there for the money and will do whatever they want to collect his check, even if it involves going through with ridiculous stunts to try and "work the Internet."

I thought bringing The New Age Outlaws and Sean Waltman back to D-Generation X for one night was great but where you surprised to see Waltman involved given his personal problems ? Also do you think he may have been intoxicated I thought he looked very awkward and out of place.

Sean Waltman is friends with Triple H so I wasn't surprised to see his involvement. As I've previously reported, Waltman would probably be a hired employee if it were not for issues that make him a "risk" for the company. As for Waltman's state at Raw, I don't know what his condition was and refuse to speculate.

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