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Booking CM Punk vs. The Rock, No Title Match At Survivor Series, Overdoing Gimmicks, Raw Announce

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If WWE goes ahead with CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship, how do you seeing it being booked?

Even if CM Punk defends the WWE Championship at WWE TLC in December, I'm under the impression he will defend it against The Rock at Royal Rumble. This has been the plan and given the fact Punk isn't defending the title at Survivor Series, we can say with more confidence he'll be Rock's opponent next year. As for how I book Punk vs. Rock, it's a tricky situation but Rock has to go over if he is going to have any value for Wrestlemania. We can debate the message putting a part-timer over a regular roster member sends for the title but the fact of the matter is Rock has to look strong going into Wrestlemania. A loss wouldn't hurt CM Punk and even if it did, WWE is banking on Rock, Lesnar and John Cena to sell Wrestlemania.

What’s your opinion of there not being a WWE Championship match at Survivor Series?

Given the current predicament WWE is in trying to book a competitive feud between CM Punk and Ryback, neither of which they want to lose, I understand there not being a WWE title match at Survivor Series. My problem is Ryback is no longer undefeated and they are going to have to do something at Tables, Ladders & Chairs to blowoff Punk/Ryback before moving on to The Rock. So while the traditional Survivor Series match gives them time to come up with something, there is no desirable outcome in sight.

What is the point of the gimmick pay-per-views of the gimmick isn't used for the entire pay-per-view. One Hell in a Cell match?

The gimmick pay-per-views are a result of WWE surveying fans a couple years ago about their interest in pay-per-views that revolved around the concepts you see today. WWE has handled the gimmicks well by using them as a promotional mouthed to make B-level shows "matter" without overdoing the gimmick. Eight Hell in a Cell matches is too many and kills any significance of a main event. I am high up on how WWE has incorporated the gimmicks into the B-level shows without taking them too far to the point where the gimmicks hold little significance.

Will Jim Ross continue to be on the Raw announce team when Jerry Lawler returns in two weeks?

Unless I hear otherwise, I'm under the impression that Raw will return to its normal announce team of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler in two weeks in Columbus, Ohio.

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