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Does this "I am God" angle by CM Punk mean that talks with The Undertaker are improving? It seems this angle would lead to a program with Taker. Best in the World vs. Best of the Underworld.

The plan for CM Punk's "I am god" storyline is to lead to a Wrestlemania 29 program with Undertaker. You picked up on the hints this Monday, as they were planted to do just that. I expect Undertaker back on television on next Monday's "Old School" Raw to kickoff the month long build. Some are saying Undertaker is confirmed but I don't feel comfortable using that type of language giving the rate things change. We can pencil in Punk vs. Undertaker for Wrestlemania but let's also remember pencil can be erased. We pulled an interesting clip from September where Punk said challenging for "the streak" doesn't interest him. Some accused this was out of context and pointed to the fact that things change and while they do, this wasn't out of context. Punk was asked what was next for his career and whether or not challenging "the streak" was something he would like to add to his resume. He wasn't asked specifically about Wrestlemania 29 this year. Click here for more.

Now that it's been several months, have you warmed up to the idea of three-hour Raws? Personally, I feel there is still way too much filler. In order to see the great Punk/Cena match, viewers had to sit through that dreadful Sheamus/Wade Barrett segment and a bunch of matches that didn't really build storylines. Back when Raw was two hours, every segment in an episode leading up to Wrestlemania was compelling. Your thoughts?

Three hours of WWE Raw haven't grown on me and I can agree with you on the filler content. This week's Raw was a strong show but they could have scrapped a lot of the stuff in-between the stellar opening segment and amazing main event. All we have to do is look at the ratings to see viewer fatigue has set in and people are tuning out for the third and final hour. ]Vince McMahon will host a conference call this morning and I'm interested to hear his thoughts as he said the three-hour format was performing very well last time. On a personal note, there's just no way I can watch all three hours live each week. Most every week I miss the majority of first hour and have to watch it via DVR the next day (watching on tape delay isn't an option as we have to report news live).

What happened to Mason Ryan?

Mason Ryan is still in WWE under developmental contract. He actually worked the NXT live event last Sunday in Melbourne, Florida. While he has a great look, the feeling is he wasn't ready for the main roster and needed more seasoning.

Any news on a possible WWE return for John Morrison?

John Morrison was hoping to return to WWE this year as I heard he was seeking a short-term deal. Vince McMahon wanted a two-three year commitment from Morrison and wasn't bending to his demands. Morrison hoped to be available for the 30-man Royal Rumble match but it just didn't happen. I haven't heard anything since the deal was not completed for the Rumble.

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