CM Punk's Future As WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan's Training Influencing Skills, Would I Accept A WWE Job?, What's Next For Brock Lesnar

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With CM Punk retaining at SummerSlam; does this virtually assure he'll remain champion for the rest of the year given the emphasis that has been put on his title reign?

Nothing is a sure thing in WWE and the only thing that is 100% is that The Rock will challenge for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. There are still four pay-per-views that CM Punk would have to successfully defend the belt before a possible match against Rock so it's very important not to assume too much. I will give my full thoughts on Punk retaining at SummerSlam on Richard's Backstage Blog later today.

Do you believe the fact Daniel Bryan trained at Shawn Michaels' wrestling school influenced his in-ring ability in any significant way or do you think it's all down to raw talent?

I absolutely think Shawn Michaels training Daniel Bryan played a part in his in-ring ability, however, Bryan is one of the most talented individuals in the history of the wrestling business. Sometimes there are guys that just "get it" and Daniel Bryan is someone that not only has the athleticism to perform in the ring at a very high level but he also understands how to portray his character. Bryan is over like rover and is a clear case of the cream rising to the top. The knock on Bryan was, everyone knows he can work, but can he make the WWE audience care about him? The mission has been accomplished and Bryan is over more than anyone (including me) thought he could be.

I was just wondering if you were offered a full time position at WWE would you accept it ? You seem to have a vast knowledge of the wrestling business.

I appreciate the compliment. I have always maintained I am happy with my career as a pro wrestling journalist and while I would be flattered by any offer, I would most-likely decline. There is no way WWE would hire me and allow me to continue doing what I do best in running this website and I have a responsibility to all the loyal readers to provide the most accurate detailed information possible.

Now that Brock Lesnar has made Triple H tap, what or who is next for him?

The word going around for the last couple of weeks is that Brock Lesnar won't work again until Survivor Series in November. There are plenty of dates left on his contract and with The Rock confirmed for Royal Rumble, it's possible Lesnar sits the January show out. I haven't heard plans for a potential opponent but anyone in the top of the card remains a possibility. Lesnar is confirmed to open this week's Raw to address his victory against Triple H.

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