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When I look at Cody Rhodes I see a future World Champion. He has the look, in-ring skills, mic skills and charisma to be a valid World Champion. Do you think that WWE will soon push Cody for a World Title run, given that he has been feuding with Randy Orton (one of the top guys in the company)?

Cody Rhodes has everything for a bright future in WWE but remember this isn't the first time the company has tried to elevate him. When WWE broke up Legacy early last year, there was an opportunity for both Rhodes and DiBiase to get legitimate pushes. After going through a "Dashing" transformation, Rhodes seems to have found a successful gimmick that highlights his charisma and mic work. These are two things in which WWE officials raved about before he ever made it to the main roster. As for a title reign there are a lot of workers in front of Rhodes with the current names being Big Show (getting another title shot at Survivor Series) and Daniel Bryan (who WWE has already announced as the challenger at Wrestlemania XXVIII). We'll see if he's worked into the picture but the most important thing is for Rhodes to get clearly established as a top guy in his current extended program with Randy Orton.

What is the situation with Air Boom since Evan Bourne is suspended and they are still the WWE Tag Team Champions?

Yes, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston are still the WWE Tag Team Champions. WWE has programmed Kofi Kingston is singles action on their current European tour and will probably pick back up on the team when Evan Bourne's suspension expires. I'll have more details on the suspension of Bourne shortly here on

What do you think of the storyline with the obvious end of Beer Money with Bobby Roode screwing James Storm? I can't believe they have gone down this road of splitting them up and turning Roode heel.

Beer Money has dominated the tag team wrestling scene for three full years. While there is no question they were established as not only the top tag team in TNA but the best tag team in the business. However, I feel Bobby Roode is too talented to be a career tag team performer. I've always felt like Roode has what it takes to be a top name and it's great to see him get a run as TNA Champion. I disagree with how it was done as I would have put Roode over Angle at Bound for Glory but that was blown up by Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. As for Roode playing the heel, this wasn't the original direction either. You can get caught up on the original plans and why they changed at this link.

What kind of relationship do Vince and Shane McMahon have (if one at all)? With all the red flags about the WWE Network, is there anyone in the company who will stand up to Vince and tell him "no"? Business-wise Shane always sounded like he had an eye for what was best for the company - is WWE (Vince) missing Shane's counsel these days?

Vince McMahon wasn't a fan of Shane's decision to leave WWE. Shane admitted this June "residual tension" remains between the two over him leaving WWE and it was "brutal" informing his father of his plans. People close to Shane tell me he had accepted the fact the company was going to be run by Triple H (who Vince views as the son he never had) and Stephanie McMahon. He wanted to get into Mixed Martial Arts and Vince had none of it. I don't know how much counsel Shane had in terms of telling Vince what to do. He was on Vince for years to get into MMA and Vince never gave it a chance. Vince is determined to launch the WWE Network to guarantee the company always has TV clearance and something he wants as one of the final pieces to his legacy. The WWE Network scares me. It's one of those projects that I understand the need and desire but can also see potential major problems ahead. McMahon is very confident and by his own admission "optimistic" but it really is "make it or break it."

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