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Do WWE commentators such as JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler travel to live events?

No, the commentators do not travel to live events unless they are being used. WWE only flies talent to shows that are being used for that particular show and most of the time, there is no need for commentators at live events.

My question is around the opposition to Sting vs. Undertaker. I'm a big football (a/k/a soccer) fan and we get the chance to see a testimonial game to certain players as a tribute who have been with a certain club a long time. The quality is normally poor but fans cheer anyway as they know it's a tribute. As an Undertaker fan, I see Sting as the perfect testimonial opponent. A way to say thank you while still keeping the interest. Could WWE do it this way and would you be interested?

I'm familiar with the testimonial concept in football (not all Americans call it soccer) as my favorite club -- Manchester United -- held one for Rio Ferdinand last year. I think this is a great way to look at Undertaker vs. Sting, without placing unreachable expectations on it. I'm on record as to writing I want to see Sting wrestle in a WWE ring and he's on record as to saying he wants too. I'll actually be more surprised if he doesn't wrestle for WWE at this point. I believe WWE will look to include him on an upcoming pay-per-view and that pay-per-view is most-likely Wrestlemania 31. His opponent is a different story. While Undertaker is an obvious choice, that hinges on Undertaker's health and desire for such a match. He was banged up pretty good this year and may opt to call it a career now that he no longer has the pressure of the streak weighing on him. However, I learned my lesson long ago about trying to predict Undertaker's final match. We'll see how things play out but do not be overly concerned about, "is Sting under contract?" because the fact of the matter is this. He'll never be under a full-time WWE Performer's Contract at this stage in his career. If WWE gets a plan together for him to work, it will be on a part-time basis.

Given his new babyface momentum with Zeb Colter, do you think Jack Swagger could return one day to the main event?

It's possible. Original plans were for Rusev to make short work of Jack Swagger at Battleground on Sunday but the response at Raw has caused some people to re-think that. One observer pointed out how Swagger at one time had the full support of Vince McMahon before he screwed up and got arrested for DWI while under the influence of marijuana. It's hard to feel bad for Swagger though considering his push was derailed based on his own careless actions.

Which WWE superstar do you think is given the least credit for their talent?

Wouldn't many of you like me to say Dolph Ziggler and wrap this up? It's not that easy. Just to get signed to a WWE developmental contract a worker must possess something extraordinary. Whether that's talent, a look, etc, it's no small feat to get signed to a WWE developmental deal. Once in developmental, a worker has to prove why they are worth a limited spot on the main roster. Once to the main roster, a worker must prove they are capable of an even more limited spot on television and then to an even more limited spot in the main event. It isn't easy and not everyone can work in the top of the card. It's a hard concept to grasp because the business is not objective. In sports, the best players get the most playing time. But that's not always how it works in WWE and depends largely how the crowd reacts. Sometimes -- someone extremely talented -- is given a lame gimmick and there's nothing they can do to salvage it. Think about Bray Wyatt before he was Bray Wyatt. I give you Husky Harris. The gimmick was lame, the look did nothing for him and he was lost in the shuffle. Now, Wyatt is being seen as a future top star.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2013: Who is your favorite worker and why? - Picking a favorite worker is not a desirable thing for me to do because readers will accuse me of having an unfair bias towards a particular individual. The truth is, I just want to be entertained. I don’t care who it is or what they do, I want to watch matches and segments on television and pay-per-view that are entertaining. My favorite style of wrestling is workers that can tell a story with their work and don’t have to rely on 100% high-risk insane spots. Some interpret this as me backing a slow and methodical style of wrestling, which isn’t true either. I love watching smaller guys go all out and really “wowing” with their high spots, however, the business is more than that. There’s something to be said about John Cena, who can move the needle on his own, despite the fact that 9 out 10 of you will claim to hate him. I know it sounds cliche but I want what’s best for business and that is anyone that makes me want to watch.

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