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Comparing Belcher To Benoit, WWE Titles & Prestige, CM Punk In Real Life, Worked Shoot Promo

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What are your thoughts on how the media, NFL, fans and Kansas City Chiefs are talking about the player who killed his girlfriend and then himself on Saturday? It seems unfair that the WWE was look down at so much for how they honored Chris Benoit and now the NFL is faced with the same type of tragedy and it's ok to talk about him in a positive light.

Many Kansas City Chiefs players are reacting like many of the WWE stars did when they learned of the news of Chris Benoit. The link between Jevon Belcher and Chris Benoit is that both were liked and respected by their co-workers. This has caused a lot of grief but the other side of that is the very violent crime that preceded the suicide. The one break Belcher is going to get over Benoit is that Benoit killed a child - his own child. Crimes against children are much more heinous and perceived as such by the media. I've heard from many readers clamoring over the unfair media coverage but the fact of the matter is Benoit's crimes were worse because they involved the murder of a child.

It seems like all the titles in WWE except the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship have lost the importance. It was great when there were two tag titles and every title had its own share of rivalry. Why not nowadays?

I disagree in part with this. Kane and Daniel Bryan have restored the prestige of the WWE Tag Team Championship from recent years with their current reign. WWE has made rebuilding the tag division a priority and most fans notice and respect these changes. The WWE Intercontinental Championship holds less significance [than it used too] because there are two world titles. The less titles, the more prestige the belts hold. I do, however, like the two world titles because it creates more opportunities in the top of the card that wouldn't exist if there were only one. I would not be against eliminating the United States Championship and feel WWE did the right thing by eliminating one of the women belts and the other set of tag titles. Longer reigns are also important when building prestige and there will be a big payoff to whoever beats CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

Is CM Punk such a 'jerk' in real life like he is in the WWE?

I always say the best gimmicks are real-life personalities turned up to the max. That's what you see with CM Punk and it's no surprise the gimmick has connected with the WWE audience. Punk is very outspoken and opinionated as a result has the tendency to rub people the wrong way. He's always had his fair share of detractors backstage but it hasn't stopped him from rising to the top.

What was it like backstage when CM Punk started that rant on WWE Raw last year?
Was everyone watching? Was Vince fuming?

CM Punk's worked shoot promo was approved and it was very well received by everyone backstage. This is talked about on the new CM Punk DVD that I recommend checking out for the firsthand account of the reaction. Vince McMahon wasn't fuming; he was seeing dollar signs!

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