Comparing Kane & Undertaker, The New Upper Management Of WWE, Beth's Status, Social Media Ambassadors

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In the past WWE has booked Kane in some questionable situations and matches, I think we can all agree. Why were Kane and The Undertaker booked so differently but they are both somewhat similar?

Kane and The Undertaker are similar based on the "Brothers of Destruction" angle and the fact they're both "mysterious monsters," however, the similarities end there. Undertaker is one of the top WWE superstars of all time, possessing a rare set of in-ring abilities compiled with the personality characteristics to be "the guy." Kane is a reliable veteran, has decent in-ring work, but he's nowhere near Undertaker in terms of the top WWE superstars of all time. I don't hate Kane, I respect him for his work, but a lot of his fans overemphasize the success he's had when he's never been "the guy" despite one World title reign (in addition to his one-day WWE Championship reign).

Do you think Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have what it takes to run WWE in succeeding Vince McMahon?

Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have the personality traits and the thick skin that should make them fine in succeeding Vince McMahon but this question can't be answered until it actually happens. Vince is grooming both Hunter and Stephanie for their roles by increasing their responsibilities behind-the-scenes and while I don't agree with everything they do, I've been a fan of some of the changes thus far.

What is Beth Phoenix's status within WWE?

Beth Phoenix is still with WWE but was not at TVs this week due to a death of a loved one. You can read more at this link.

WWE has had a couple Social Media Ambassadors recently. Do those celebrities really sit and watch Raw and Tweet throughout the show?

The Social Media Ambassadors are hired by WWE to promote the show via their social media platforms. I'm not sure what the deal entails but I would assume some type of monetary value for using their millions of followers to help the company. As for the celebrities sitting through the broadcast, I'm assuming either they or someone that works for them watches the show to participate in the discussion. WWE cares more about making topics trend on Twitter because it results in more people tuning in.

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