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Comparing Vince To Mr. McMahon, Booking Christian In WWE, Success Of Raw 1000, Brock Lesnar Title Reign?

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How is Vince McMahon's real-life persona in relation to the Mr. McMahon character played on WWE television?

Mr. McMahon, like most successful gimmicks, is Vince's real-life persona "turned all the way up." Vince is a very intimidating guy but perhaps the biggest difference between him and his on-air character is that Mr. McMahon comes off as very unapproachable. While Vince has the final say on everything in WWE, he's willing to meet with talent (especially workers he feels have the potential to become top guys) when they have ideas or want to discuss their characters. Chris Jericho makes note of this in his latest "Undisputed" autobiography when he was trying to get his first break in WWE. For those that want a detailed prospective of how things function backstage, I recommend both of Chris Jericho's books and Bret Hart's book.

With Christian dropping the WWE Intercontinental Championship to The Miz is this a sign he's designed to hover as a mid-card talent again?

Christian hasn't been booked in the top of the card since returning to WWE at Over the Limit back in May although he's held the WWE Intercontinental Championship and had a consistent spot on television (a role many would love to have). I can't give you the exact reasoning for the booking of Christian although it's no secret Vince McMahon has always been hesitant on him as a top guy. I heard Christian wasn't thrilled about being the WWE star to appear at TNA Slammiversary either, with the risk of it damaging the booking of his character as well.

What is your reaction to the WWE Raw 1000 rating?

The 1000th episode of WWE Raw was the most-watched episode of WWE Raw since the show’s return to the USA Network in 2005 and the highest viewership in 10 years. The company is ecstatic at the viewing audience of over 6.3 million and made sure to tout the success in a press release. Even the harshest critics can be silenced with this number that exceeded any and all expectations.

Do you see Brock Lesnar getting a run as either WWE or World Heavyweight Champion before his deal is up?

Everyone wants a program with Brock Lesnar because of the fact that Lesnar draws, however, given his limited schedule, I would be opposed of a Lesnar title reign. People are already upset at the possibility of The Rock going over for the title at Royal Rumble and should be considering he's not a full-time talent nor will he ever be. Vince McMahon used to be pretty firm that he would not allow someone to come back only to work limited dates but has bent in recent years in order to grow viewership, improve ratings and draw pay-per-view buys.

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