Competing With WWE, John Laurinaitis A Failure?, How Injured Workers Get Paid, Wade Barrett's Return

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Do you think that there will ever be another company to compete with WWE? If so, which company, and why?

WWE has been operating for over ten years with basically no competition and they have put a stronghold on the market. Not only have they expanded into a global giant but Vince McMahon owns just about every tape library that anyone could ever care about. However, it isn't impossible and could be done. In order to compete with WWE a company would need a national TV deal and plenty of money to spend on talent, production and of course marketing. Many people have hoped TNA would be that company with their national TV deal and significant financial backing but they haven't even scratched the surface. They have had their opportunities but have not been able to create enough momentum to even sell out their major pay-per-views. I could spend the rest of this installment elaborating on why but there really isn't enough time or space.

You have mentioned that John Laurinaitis has been disdained by people backstage in WWE like Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. I also watched Jim Cornette's shoot interview on him and it sounded as if he said he thinks Laurinaitis doesn't know how to do his job. Is that why he is so disliked?

There are a lot of people that feel John Laurinaitis has failed at his job, especially when it comes to signing new megastars. When Jim Ross was Executive Vice President of Talent Relations of WWE we could sit here and name off a list of megastars he brought in. Not so much for Laurinaitis and that is part of the disdain for him. With that being said he doesn't have the most desirable job as you can't just "make" a megastar and a lot of people simply do not understand that. There are two jobs in the wrestling business where someone is always going to have a hard time getting people on their side and they are Talent Relations and Head Creative Writer.

What if a worker is injured and is recovering for a long period of time and their contract expires while they are out? Do they still receive a downside guarantee? Do they get a contract extension?

When a WWE worker under a performer's contract is injured they still collect their downside guarantee (an amount set off a yearly amount that is paid so the worker has money to live off of). The only time WWE workers do not collect this amount is when they are suspended. If a worker's performer's contract expires while they are injured they will no longer collect the money unless WWE offers them a contract extension. WWE usually works with top names in advance to hammer out an agreement so there is never a doubt they end up walking. If a worker is lower on the card, there is always a chance of WWE letting their contract expire.

What is the current condition of Wade Barrett? Do you know when he is expected back?

Wade Barrett suffered a dislocated elbow at a Raw Supershow in February and the injury was much worse than originally expected. While the initial estimate was he would be out 6-8 weeks, it turned out he had to have surgery and isn't expected back until later this summer.

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