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Competition In WWE, Kevin Steen Getting Signed, Sting Getting A Big Offer From WWE, Triple H's Title Reigns

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What is the competition like in terms of WWE workers trying to outdo one another with their in-ring work?

The competition is very stiff in WWE as everyone wants to "steal the show" and put on the "match of the night." While outcomes are predetermined, how a worker gets over determines how they are booked which in turn determines how much they earn. No matter where a worker is booked on the card they are trying to show they are capable of more. I can assure you no one wants to go out and get no reaction from the crowd.

Do you see Kevin Steen ever jumping ship from ROH to WWE?

The wall has been demolished in terms of workers coming from ROH and having success in WWE. One thing Triple H has been very focused on is stockpiling the developmental system, knowing the future of the company is in his hands. With that being said, we've seen WWE go out and grab the top workers from ROH and other prominent independent companies. In fact, I heard earlier this week there has been interest in El Generico. So while some may be critical of Steen's look, he's clearly a top talent and I wouldn't be surprised if there was interest in signing him.

Is it true WWE is preparing a big offer for Sting?

WWE has shown interest in Sting in the past, remember the serious talks they had a couple years ago about a possible Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker? The Stinger has even said publicly that he was as close as he's ever been to signing with the company. Fast-forward to today and a lot has changed. First of all, TNA has an ongoing lawsuit against WWE that has prevented WWE from not only signing TNA workers with expiring contracts but anyone that worked for TNA while Brian Wittenstein was employed there. I don't see the situation with Sting being much different until the lawsuit is resolved. Sting's TNA contract is up at the end of the year as he works year-to-year to keep his options open at this point in his career. We'll wait and see but Sting is not in as good of a position as he would have been in years past with WWE already shelling out big bucks for Brock Lesnar and The Rock. Let's also not forget WWE's desire for Steve Austin and his desire to get paid big.

In late 2002-mid 2003, Triple H had one of the longest world title runs in history. Some have attributed the run to his heavy backstage influence and he was accused of "burying" and derailing the pushes of many wrestlers such as RVD, Kane and Booker T. Is there any truth to those claims or are these simply online rumors?

Even before he became romantically involved with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H has been a master of climbing the political ladder and getting in the ear of Vince McMahon. He has been able to manipulate the system as good as anyone and has gained so much of McMahon's favor it will be him, not Shane, that will ultimately succeed Vince. Hunter's lengthy title reign was due to several reasons but the fact of the matter is he was "the guy" at that point in his career. John Cena is currently in the position where Triple H was a decade ago but Hunter's backstage influence and overall abilities got him in front of everyone else.

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