Complete Unification Of The Brands, CM Punk/Chris Brown, The Rock’s Relationship With John Cena, Undertaker Looking Weak?

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With the advent of Raw Supershow and Super Smackdown, also regarding the number of talents on both shows, is it possible that the outcome of the Teddy Long/John Laurinaitis feud is that both brands will be unified and the talents will appear on both shows?

Anything is possible and I have not heard the creative plans for the outcome of the Teddy Long/John Laurinaitis, however, I oppose a complete unification of the brands. Right now we have the best of both worlds. Raw Supershow features talent from both brands with occasional Super Smackdown specials while still maintaining the two separate champions and two distinct brands. Complete unification would result in roster contraction, eliminating the opportunity for many. A lot of people that push for brand unification are the same people tired of John Cena. If WWE eliminates the brands and has to choose between pushing someone like Daniel Bryan or someone like Cena - who do you think is going to get more TV time?

Are there plans to pickup on the CM Punk/Chris Brown feud and if not, what was the point to begin with?

While mentioned on television this week, WWE didn't continue to strongly push the war of words between CM Punk and Chris Brown. When Punk first commented I thought it was legit heat but after last week's Super Smackdown, I felt it had become an angle and perhaps Brown would be appearing on WWE TV. If anything else it created free promotion for WWE and I'm sure the company enjoyed the mainstream media attention.

Is there any legit heat between The Rock and John Cena?

We get this question all the time but I felt after Monday's Raw Supershow, it needed to be re-visited. The last I heard several weeks ago, Rock and Cena were getting along well and were making plans to go over their match. However, this program started with legit heat with Cena making public comments about The Rock that upset him. After Monday's Raw, which saw Cena go all out, I wondered what Rock thought about it, especially when he seemed surprised by Cena bringing up the notes on his wrist. There is clearly mutual respect between Cena and Rock for one another but there are underlying real-life issues.

How scripted was ending of The Undertaker vs. Triple H after their Wrestlemania match last year? Undertaker looked legitimately hurt following the match. Did they have this year's rematch already envisioned? I can't imagine them letting Undertaker look weak for no reason.

The Undertaker was selling after his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVII last year, however, I'm sure he had legitimate pain. Undertaker is working with permanent damage to his shoulder with pain in his back and knees. His body has taken a beating over the years and after bumping like he did last year, there's no way to work without pain. With that being said they also didn't want Triple H looking weak with Undertaker taking time off after the match. I do not think Undertaker selling made him look weak because he went over and continued the streak. The story leading into this year is Undertaker won the battle but Hunter won the war.

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