Concern For John Cena, Heel Turn On Raw, Devalued Titles, Abandoning Upstarts

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What do you think about John Cena's workload following his very physical match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam?

John Cena has now had four matches since working Brock Lesnar in the main event at SummerSlam a couple weeks ago. Three were live event Street Fights against Kane and then Bray Wyatt on this week's episode of Raw. While these matches were shorter, I think it's concerning. Cena was off TV last week to sell the beating and then right back at it on the weekend loop. What's equally as troubling is the way he was booked at Raw. It's like WWE panicked and decided to rebuild Cena all in one week, at the risk of hurting Bray Wyatt. There is plenty of time to re-build Cena as to having a shot at Night of Champions but the way he was booked on Raw was rushed. Cena is healthy after the beating he took at SummerSlam but it's safe to say WWE is currently riding him hard.

What did you think of the Goldust and Stardust heel turn on this week's Raw?

It was needed to elevate the program against WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. Regardless of what was planned, Cody Rhodes' ability to get over as Stardust has prolonged his role and rejuvenated interest in the Rhodes Brothers. While all this is great in the short-term, one must wonder if Cody Rhodes will ever surpass mid-card booking. He's always done everything asked of him but many considered him to be destined for the top of the card at one point.

Can you make the argument that none of the secondary titles hold any value currently?

Last week's episode of Raw saw losses from the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Divas Champion and Intercontinental Champion. One show, three losses from "champions." I hate that type of booking and while I understand why it was done, I like making titles mean something. Given Brock Lesnar's part-time status and the fact the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will not be routinely spotlighted, I believe now is as good of a time as ever to rebuild some of the secondary belts. However, I didn't see much on this week's Raw to indicate that's what WWE is doing. An underwhelming encounter between Cesaro and Sheamus (US title), Paige getting the win but Natalya KOing her (Divas title), another loss from The Usos (albeit a count out, WWE Tag Team Champions) and Dolph Ziggler getting a quick win against Damien Sandow.

Has WWE given up on Bo Dallas?

WWE hasn't given up on Bo Dallas as he had the segment with Jack Swagger on this week's Raw and a quick win over Kofi Kingston. He clearly took a backseat to the SummerSlam build but it's not over yet. Adam Rose is another worker people keep asking about but he continues to win, albeit on the secondary shows (beating Curtis Axel in a match taped for this week's WWE Superstars on Monday night). I believe both no longer have as much interest as they once did but neither have been abandoned yet.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2012: You mentioned that you found it ironic that Brock Lesnar was working with John Cena because in the past Lesnar didn’t like Cena. Why? - I do not know the specific reason Brock Lesnar didn’t like Cena but it’s clear in many circles they didn’t get along. Lesnar was a main event talent while Cena was still “coming up” and I don’t know if Lesnar saw Cena as a threat or just didn’t like him personally. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out but it’s very different now as Cena is the face of WWE and no one is going to push him around.

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