Conor McGregor Running UFC, Ziggler To Leave WWE?, Pursuit Of TNA Wrestling, Dominick Cruz's Next Fight

Dolph Ziggler

How can the UFC let a talent like Jose Aldo sit around and get to the point of wanting to quit the sport over not getting his rematch?

I see both sides to the situation involving Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. From Aldo’s side, he deserves a rematch and the opportunity to unify the featherweight titles. He has every right to be upset with McGregor getting to fight Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 next month. From Dana White and UFC’s standpoint, it’s all about the money. Forget what’s right, forget the rankings, just book the biggest fight. And that’s what they’ve done in selecting the money fight in McGregor versus Alvarez. I do think that it’s dangerous to the UFC’s future to have a talent like Aldo get so frustrated by McGregor calling the shots that he wants released but as you can see, the politics at play are very much like that of WWE. But Aldo is still saying not only does he want released from UFC but he wants to quit the sport entirely. If that happens, it will be disappointing but there is no debating that McGregor vs. Alvarez is a huge main event to a stacked UFC 205 card at Madison Square Garden.

Do you feel Dolph Ziggler will leave WWE after No Mercy on Sunday?

Ric Flair put a rumor out on his podcast that he heard Dolph Zigger’s WWE contract expires after No Mercy but that he hoped it wasn’t true. With Ziggler’s “career being on the line,” [against The Miz at No Mercy] the speculation as to what that means is clear. I honestly do not think Ziggler plans to wrestle for a lot longer and perhaps he could be looking to his future. Remember it was just last November when he teased followers on Twitter that he was only going to wrestle two more years. He even hinted about leaving WWE back in June 2015. Flair seems to believe WWE wants Ziggler to work in an office role but Dolph has other things lined up as well. He has a career in standup comedy and has been involved in politics during the 2016 United States Presidential race. There is a real possibility Ziggler leaves WWE after Sunday but we cannot confirm that at press time.

Did Vince McMahon really fund TNA Wrestling?

The New York Postreported on Saturday that while WWE and Billy Corgan were negotiating with TNA Wrestling about purchasing the company, an unidentified third party, not Corgan or WWE, came in and funded Bound for Glory and this week’s television tapings. So Vince didn’t fund these latest shows. I still have my doubts that WWE is seriously pursuing TNA but I have contacted people that would know and hope to have more information later.

Who do you think should get the next shot at Dominick Cruz?

John Lineker thinks he should get a shot at Dominick Cruz and the UFC Bantamweight Championship after his victory against John Dodson at UFC Fight Night 96 on Saturday. However, I disagree with Lineker about it being a small mistake after he missed weight for the fifth time in his UFC career. And let’s not pretend like he convincingly handled Dodson either. There have to be consequences for him missing weight and right now, I believe Cody Garbrandt should get a shot at Cruz and the title. He’s undefeated as a professional and there has already been some good trash talk, so he’s who I believe should get the next title fight.

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