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Criticism Of Linda McMahon, Goldberg's Opinion Of Vince McMahon & Why He Left WWE, Top WWE Talent, Ryback's Push

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Do you feel Linda McMahon's past affiliation with WWE is hindering her run for a seat in the United States Senate?

Let's be clear; Linda McMahon didn't have an "affiliation" with WWE, she was and is WWE. While she left WWE to pursue a career in politics, Linda will always be connected with WWE not only because she is a McMahon and the wife of Vince but because she played an integral role as an executive of the company for almost 30 years. The criticism Linda has endured is part of the political landscape in America and anyone that runs for public office in this country can expect to be attacked for anything even close to being controversial. Linda has the money and resources to get in the public eye and as a result has a good shot at winning the race, however, there is something unsettling about a McMahon in Washington.

It is known that Goldberg was unhappy with WWE's storylines being adult oriented and not suitable for a younger audience. So, he left WWE. But, he was part of WWE for a few years and it would've been nice to see a wrestler of his popularity to make an appearance on the 1000th episode of Raw. What exactly happened between Goldberg and Vince/WWE? Did they part under unhappy terms?

You are correct. Goldberg left WWE because he was unhappy with the state of the product, specifically referencing the Super Hero In Training storyline (with Rosey), so he departed after Wrestlemania 20 when his contract expired. Goldberg said last year he doesn't have a positive thing to say about Vince McMahon and didn't like the way he handled his character. Regarding a possible appearance on next week's 1000th Raw, Goldberg said he wouldn't be appearing Monday on Twitter.

Who does WWE currently see as their top two guys right now?

John Cena and CM Punk are seen as the two top performers in WWE. Cena shouldn't surprise anyone but CM Punk earned his spot, by forcing the company to push him and meet his contract demands. Randy Orton's second documented Wellness Policy violation further solidified Punk's status as the second "face of the company" and has been deemed largely unreliable.

I enjoyed the segment on this week's Raw Supershow where Jack Swagger attacked Ryback only for Ryback to recoup and take him out. Who do you think looked strong and more in line for a push?

Ryback is being pushed as Vince McMahon is very high up on his look and gimmick. Jack Swagger, while he didn't get pinned by Ryback, has seen his stock plummet and doesn't appear to be in line for anything.

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