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Cruiserweights In WWE, Stephanie vs. Vince, WWE Interest In AJ Styles, Has Pro Wrestling Peaked?

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Stephanie & Vince McMahon

Given what seems like a renewed commitment to the tag division do you see WWE revamping the cruiserweight division?

WWE wants to do a show based around cruiserweight talent that is featured on the WWE Network - the problem is there has been little to no movement on the WWE Network becoming a reality. When it looked as though these plans were a go, WWE was interested in numerous cruiserweight names throughout the industry but that interest has tapered with the lack of information regarding the WWE Network. If the network ever gets off the ground, I see this being something the company will look to bring back and it should create more opportunities for high-flying workers.

How do you see the rumored Stephanie vs. Vince McMahon storyline playing out after Stephanie getting introduced as the "owner" of WWE? do you see the pay off being at Wrestlemania for control of the company?

WWE introducing Stephanie McMahon as the "owner" of the company is apparently part of the storyline progression that will eventually lead to a Stephanie and Vince McMahon program that you mentioned. I have not heard about the future creative plans but there is clearly a lack of interest in the current storyline as was very evident with the abysmal viewing audience posted by this week's Monday Night Raw. WWE had hoped the current McMahon/corporation storyline would be enough to spike ratings against the stiffer fall competition but so far, things have gone the other way.

Why do you think the WWE is not interested in signing AJ Styles?

Let me start by saying AJ Styles is under TNA contract through December so he can't negotiate with WWE until then. We were told the WWE interest in Styles is mild. While they respect his talent and abilities, they see him as a guy they would have to start from scratch with at 36-years-old. From what I've heard, his chances of getting a WWE contract would be better if WWE had a date for their prospective cruiserweight show.

What do you feel that the wrestling industry needs to become relevant again or has it peaked in the late 90s and we will never see that sort again?

It's impossible for me to predict whether or not we'll see another "pro wrestling boom" like we had in the late 90s. I absolutely think it is possible and is evident when Wrestlemania draws over 1 million buys. Let's not forget, WWE is a huge company is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The business needs a viable competitor because I'll argue that storylines are better when they're written with an act of desperation. The current stuff in WWE isn't resonating with the fan base and that became more than clear with Monday's Raw audience. If WWE had someone pushing them, they would likely be forced to "step up to the plate" more on a weekly basis. Sometimes I feel as though WWE shows are "mailed in" just to produce new live TV each week.

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