Damien Sandow Treatment, CM Punk's PPV Losses, Ryback Not Over, What Happened To Ziggler's Push

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Damien Sandow

Does Damien Sandow have heat? He's lost pretty much every single match since Money in the Bank and the latest have been in less than five minutes. What's up?

Damien Sandow is 2-12 in singles matches since WWE Money in the Bank on July 13, 2013 (credit IWD for the stats), which includes a dark match loss to Sin Cara. I can't explain why WWE does this but I can speculate it's the "tear him down" before "building him back up" theory. I'm not sure what the thinking is behind it but we can assume the company wants him as under the radar as possible so it's a surprise when he "cashes in." There was actually talk about having Sandow cash in at WWE Night of Champions, which obviously didn't happen. I am not aware of any backstage heat and believe this is the plan as the "long-term" briefcase holder.

Does CM Punk have heat backstage and is he being punished for something as he has lost every PPV match except one? Is he no longer a top guy in the company?

CM Punk is still a top guy in WWE but has clearly taken a backseat to Randy Orton in the absence of John Cena. I don't like all of his losses on pay-per-view and was particularly upset with what happened at WWE Night of Champions. WWE wants to keep Punk's feud with Paul Heyman going, I get that. However, did he really need to take another loss for another attempt to make Ryback relevant? I don't care about the story at this point, the loss was bad and shouldn't have happened.

I've read that you feel like Ryback hadn't gotten over but I disagree when he was facing CM Punk last year the Goldberg chants stopped and they only started when he turned heel… So doesn't that prove that Ryback is over as a top heel?

No, Ryback is not over as a top heel. There have been small glimmers of hope in the Ryback character but they were short-lived. He's had opportunities to take it to the next level but hasn't taken the leap. One match that I brought up on Monday in the comments area was his bout against Chris Jericho at Money in the Bank in July. Let's just consider the opportunity. You have a guy in Jericho that has had some of the best matches of the year and is determined to help WWE get the new guys over. The perfect opportunity for Ryback to emerge, right? Well he didn't and the match was average at best. If Ryback can't take the step when being spoon fed Jericho, then when can he take that step? We've seen the program with CM Punk and I'm not interested in seeing it again.

It seems that Dolph Ziggler chasing the United States title is a downgrade from him being in the World Heavyweight Championship hunt. What happened to his push?

Things went from bad to worse for Dolph Ziggler. After receiving what we can now term the "Damien Sandow treatment," WWE finally pulled the trigger on his push as World Heavyweight Champion. However, a concussion halted his push and ended his title reign prematurely. He came back but got into the company doghouse with comments made leading up to SummerSlam. Now he's in the hunt for a mid-card title. The good news is Zigger is still in a program; the bad news is it is a significant downgrade from the World Heavyweight Championship.

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