Daniel Bryan Getting Cena Heat, Royal Rumble, Sting's Future, GFW TV Deal

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Do you feel that Daniel Bryan could eventually have "John Cena heat" with the way he's booked? The proverbial underdog, routinely beating people twice his size, etc.

All top WWE stars are polarizing and I absolutely believe Daniel Bryan gets heat because of his success. When you say “John Cena heat,” that can mean a lot of different things.

Cena gets heat for a number of reasons, some that are fair and some that are not. The people that boo Cena and dislike his character because of the lack of progression have a fair point. It’s been the same Cena for several years and many have grown tired of the “never give up,” always “overcome the odds” version of WWE’s top star.

The people that boo Cena because they claim “he can’t wrestle” or that he’s “overrated” likely do so because they either resent his success or feel that having such a position is the popular thing to do. Cena has more than proved he can wrestle and while his abilities are not that of someone like Daniel Bryan, he’s had far too many “five star” matches to make a claim that “he can’t wrestle.” Further, Cena has been the undisputed face of WWE for many years and he ranks right up there with Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Steve Austin. To claim otherwise is incorrect.

So what to make of Daniel Bryan. I do not think he has yet reached his full potential because of the injury that derailed his title reign after Wrestlemania 30. I would like to see Bryan get an opportunity to reclaim that top spot and once he gets a chance to stay up there, see how it goes. It’s far too soon to start talking about Bryan becoming stale when we’ve only been teased with what he could become.

There are people that do not like Daniel Bryan for whatever reason and that comes with the territory. All top WWE stars are polarizing.

Is WWE so blind and deaf that they would actually have Roman Reigns win the Royal Rumble over Daniel Bryan? Don't get me wrong, I like Reigns but shouldn't Daniel Bryan win it? Do they not see a repeat of last year’s Rumble happening?

I took a very close look at Royal Rumble scenarios over the weekend in a feature article at this link. I believe it’s a good problem for WWE to have and while I have clearly stated I would like to see Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble in a story of total redemption, I do not believe Reigns winning is the worst thing that can happen.

Reigns isn’t Batista and is another up and coming worker with the potential to be a top star for many years to come. If the Royal Rumble can serve as a launchpad for him to go to the next level, then by all means.

I don’t understand the strong opposition to either Bryan or Reigns winning the Royal Rumble. I could understand a scenario where an already established star comes in and buries the up and comers but even Randy Orton could be used in a program with an up and coming Seth Rollins.

WWE has left their options open heading into Royal Rumble and that’s a good thing.

Do you see Sting entering the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant?

Sting is all but confirmed for Wrestlemania 31, however, I would be against using him as a surprise entrant in the 2015 Royal Rumble match. Sting is at the end of his career and any future match deserves a well thought out and thorough build.

This isn’t a situation where Sting can debut in the Royal Rumble, work some TV and live event dates and culminate with a main event at Wrestlemania. He’s at the end of the rope and his booking should be handled carefully to ensure maximum exposure.

WWE has already started teasing Sting vs. Triple H, which began at Survivor Series last year. It’s not a sure thing, as we know Sting wants Undertaker and that’s been talked about internally, but Hunter looks like his [Wrestlemania] opponent at press time.

Is there any chance that Jeff Jarrett gets a television deal for Global Force Wrestling?

I absolutely think there is a chance that Jeff Jarrett gets a television deal for Global Force Wrestling, it all just depends on what he is willing to accept. The mainstream interest in pro wrestling from the most popular TV networks is tepid at best. That’s why WWE didn’t have many people bidding on their programming and why TNA Wrestling signed with a lower tier network in Destination America.

Shows like Lucha Underground and New Japan Pro Wrestling have landed deals here in the United States but their market penetration is low due to the lack of clearance from their respective networks.

We must remember that TNA is moving forward at 50% less viewership. I haven’t seen the data for last week but that’s a lot less eyes on their product. It’s not my intention to strip away the optimism regarding the TNA reset but keep in mind they weren’t able to come close to WWE-type viewership numbers with Spike TV and marquee names like Hulk Hogan, Sting and Ric Flair.

From the Ask WNW vault...

October 2013: There’s always so much outcry for more tag teams and for those teams to have longevity. But it seems to me whenever a real good/great team comes around and is impressive, wrestling fans and journalists can’t wait until their demise and eventual break up. Why can’t Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins go on to become multiple time tag team champs? Why do we need to put an expiration date on their time together? - I haven’t been clamoring for the breakup of The Shield; in fact I’ve pushed the opposite. While the faction is nearing their one year anniversary, they’ve handled a scaling back and are back again in the limelight. Let’s also not forget they were show stealers at WWE Battleground and this week’s Monday Night Raw. As for the outcry, there are a couple of things to consider. First, there is a segment of fans that are never going to be pleased. They push for one thing, it happens, and they push for the opposite. This is why sometimes readers perceive me as being “hypocritical” when I push back from the IWC. I am very much a member of the IWC but I am not part of the overly critical fan base. One of the reasons I started this website was I felt there wasn’t a journalist out there that gave the business a fair shake. It was clear they were anti-McMahon and anti-big business. There’s nothing wrong with being either of those things, it’s when a writer loses objectivity that it becomes obnoxious. Second, we have to remember that every character – be it singles, tag team or faction – has a shelf life. It’s very important not to overexpose a character or a tag team or a faction past this life because it leads to apathy and eventual outrage. There aren’t many tag teams like The Dudley Boys that remained relevant for a decade but as we’ve seen, even they had a shelf life. If workers are around long enough, they’ll eventually to do something different. Yes, I do think there are a group of fans that aren’t going to be pleased no matter what but we also have to remember that nothing lasts forever.

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