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Daniel Bryan Not Healthy? WWE Started Rusev/Cena Too Early

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Is it true WWE is worried about the health of Daniel Bryan?

There is a report circulating that Daniel Bryan is not healthy and there are concerns with him. I’m unable to confirm that report and have been investigating since I saw it. I’m somewhat reluctant to believe it since Bryan continues to work, even in matches that he wouldn’t have to work if he wasn’t healthy. While I understand WWE wants to deliver Bryan on shows he's advertised, one would think he wouldn't be continually booked -- even in 6-man tag matches -- if there was even a chance he wasn't healthy.

However, given the fact Bryan is coming back from what could have been a career-ending injury, a report such as this is cause for concern. Remember, Bryan’s medical clearance was something that was very last minute and not even given when he was announced as a participant for the 2015 Royal Rumble match.

We’ll continue to investigate and update when/if we can.

Do you see the ongoing feud between John Cena and Rusev becoming stale?

The problem with Rusev vs. John Cena is it started too early. Many people I speak with on a weekly basis were dumbfounded why they went ahead and did the match at WWE Fastlane before Wrestlemania 31.

The plan to do Rusev vs. Cena at Wrestlemania was in the works for months before the show so it was a surprise to see them move it up. I’ve heard different reasons why WWE moved it up but the fact of the matter is they started too early and are extending it out too long.

Traditionally, the pay-per-view after Wrestlemania is used to blow-off feuds in gimmick matches. That appears to be what they are doing with Rusev and Cena but I agree, it’s becoming stale.

I can’t help but note the similarities between John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt from last year. They had a program that resulted in a match at Wrestlemania 30 that Cena won then Wyatt beat him at Extreme Rules, only for Cena to come back and win again at WWE Payback.

While my hope was Wyatt would be elevated in the program with Cena, it didn’t work. WWE cooled on him and had to restart after breaking up The Wyatt Family.

I am still hopeful Rusev will be elevated after the program with John Cena but I agree the program is becoming stale.

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