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Daniel Bryan WWE Champ, Indecision Over The Shield, No Wrestlemania Undercard But 4 Main Events

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Is it a given Daniel Bryan is going to be the next champion? If WWE doesn't put him over wouldn't that be a HUGE mistake?

If there is one point I've tried to make in the build to Wrestlemania, it's "there are no givens." Literally anything is possible and we have to get out of this mindset that something is "definitively" going to happen. Such certainties in the pro wrestling business do not exist. Something can be likely but it doesn't go further than that. Here's the thing about the Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H program. It's basically split the audience - some love it and others hate it. Some feel it's too predictable, while others feel Triple H will do whatever it takes to dismiss Daniel Bryan both in a kayfabe sense and in a legitimate sense. I find the program entertaining and think the added stipulations to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XXX have helped it. There has also been a philosophical change in the way Daniel Bryan is viewed by the WWE brass. While Hunter will continue to "degrade him" in this program, he's scene as a top guy headed into the pay-per-view. This was not the original plan but a result of what happened at Royal Rumble and the audience refusing to accept Batista as a babyface. If I were booking, I'd put Bryan over in both bouts but that's far from a sure thing.

What is the thinking behind the months of teasing a breakup in The Shield with Roman Reigns poised to turn face, only to turn the three members face at the same time to feud with Kane? Was the buildup done purposefully to build suspense before a switch or is this a change of heart from creative?

As I reported in this week's Backstage News from Raw, the indecision over what to do with The Shield stems from a difference of opinion between Vince McMahon and Triple H. This has been confusing to follow but I'll argue that one feels they are better suited in a turn to face Kane in some capacity at Wrestlemania. However, this is a newer development that has only came about in the last couple of weeks and is certainly subject to change. All of the indecision and lack of direction in the top of the card has resulted in a nonexistent Wrestlemania undercard.

With majority of WWE superstars being booked for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, is there a chance there definitely will be a lack of matches at Wrestlemania?

As I just mentioned, the lack of direction and indecisiveness in the top of the Wrestlemania card has resulted in a nonexistent undercard. Believe it or not, Wrestlemania 30 is two weeks from Sunday. The card is built on John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar and the situation with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with Batista, Randy Orton and the winner of Bryan/Hunter. Then it's everyone else. Readers have emailed in, asking about secondary titles and other undercard aspects but this is what the card is at this juncture. The battle royal is certainly a way to get guys on the card without developing storylines to explain them. What I don't understand is the fact WWE has more television time now than ever and they aren't able to deliver more storylines for the biggest show of the year. It's disappointing and if you aren't excited about one of the four main events, you're probably not excited for Wrestlemania.

What's the Wrestlemania 30 main event?

Wrestlemania has four main events - Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Obviously Hunter vs. Bryan has to go before the title match and I would expect as much space as possible.

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