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I totally popped for Daniel Bryan turning on Bray Wyatt on this week's Monday Night Raw but I must know. Was this the plan the whole time or did WWE realize what an epic fail it was to kill his momentum?

Was it an epic fail? I'll argue Daniel Bryan is more over today than he was before he was paired with The Wyatt Family. The brief moment of outrage seemed to do nothing to "cool" Bryan's momentum and actually increased it when it was thought he had peaked. I'll have more details on the creative side of things online later on Tuesday but there's one thing I always urge readers to do - that's to have patience. We have to see how things play out before we label something as an epic fail or resounding success. The paranoia within the IWC regarding Bryan isn't unjustified but there's one thing I've been saying since this summer - Vince McMahon realizes he was wrong about Daniel Bryan and sees him as a top guy.

Do you think WWE could have done something more with John Cena vs. Randy Orton now that Orton has "attacked" Cena's father?

The booking of this program between John Cena and Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is unique in that it's been booked backwards. What I mean by that is they started with the TLC gimmick match and are reverting back to a traditional singles match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in a couple of weeks. There are multiple reasons for this but the build to the match at WWE TLC was great and they can now blow the program off in the shadow of the 30-man Royal Rumble match in a pay-per-view featuring a Brock Lesnar singles match and the return of Batista. I have no problems with the backwards booking in this specific case.

What will happen to Raw after the WWE Network launches in the United States? Will it still be watchable outside of the US?

All WWE television contracts will remain in place following the launch of the WWE Network. Vince McMahon said in a conference call on Tuesday morning that WWE and the USA Network feel the Network will improve television ratings because it's going to increase interest. The USA Network does not currently air any replays of Raw so the company doesn't expect the fact that replays will air on the WWE Network will result in any cannibalisation.

What's Jeff Hardy's contract status with TNA Wrestling?

Jeff Hardy signed a contract extension with TNA Wrestling in February 2013, believed at the time to be a deal that was for two years. Even if the second year was an option year, he's locked in through next month. Hardy was written off television to avoid problems with the upcoming European tour (he was advertised last year, then pulled when he couldn't get clearance to travel because of a past drug conviction).

With WWE announcing on Raw that every pay-per-view they along with WCW and ECW ever produced, does that include WWF Over the Edge 1999 (the show in which Owen Hart died on)?

As I noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, I do not expect WWF Over the Edge 1999 to be available on the WWE Network. The show was never released commercially on VHS or DVD, nor should it have been. Some readers suggested WWE could air it with an advisory but I don't see WWE touching that and think it will be left off the forthcoming Network.

From the Ask WNW vault...

June 2010: At the end of Fatal 4 Way everybody was chanting Daniel Bryan! Do you see WWE bringing back Danielson soon? - I had a very similar question last week. Out of all of the workers that have recently been released, I think Bryan Danielson has the best chance of being brought back because of the support from the fans and the locker room. A lot of people were upset with how he was let go and the fans made their opinion very clear to WWE officials at the end of Fatal 4-Way last night. Bryan commented on the chants this morning. Read what he said at this link.

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