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Daniel Wyatt One Of Many Mistakes, JR The GOAT, Low Level Celebs On Raw, HIAC Main Events

The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click here.

When Daniel Bryan joined The Wyatt Family he was ready made for them - watching Raw this week, Sheamus' beard is starting to look a bit un-kept. Could he and Bray possibly link up going forward?

Let's unpack this. First, Daniel Wyatt was a massive creative mistake and while WWE quickly did away with it, it was horrible. Daniel Bryan was breaking out as one of the most over superstars in the past 5 years but rather than capitalizing on it, WWE tried to force him as a member of The Wyatt Family. The mistake was ultimately corrected and Bryan got his Wrestlemania moment, however, it was mind-boggling they even attempted it.

As for Sheamus linking up with Bray Wyatt, I guess it's possible but not likely. Sheamus was put over Bray on last weekend's live event loop and is working as a midcard staple with The Wyatt Family being reset/broken up. I examined the state of the Wyatt Family on Monday and if WWE tries to revamp it with new members, while allowing Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to go separate directions, I do not see it being bigger than the first version.

I hear a lot of people say Jim Ross is the greatest of all time. Do you think that he is better than Gordon Solie? If so, what makes him the greatest?

Was Michael Jordan better than Wilt Chamberlain? Is Tom Brady as good as Joe Montana? Is Lionel Messi better than Pelé? I could write thousands of words about the "greatest of all time" and it would still be nothing more than my personal opinion. I am 29-years-old and Jim Ross called the biggest and most memorable pro wrestling moments of my lifetime. I consider him the greatest of all time; that’s not a knock on Gordon Solie, widely regarded as the greatest pro wrestling voice of all time, however, it's my opinion. It's why I don't like "greatest of all-time" questions because it's personal preference and hinges on a myriad of factors, none of which are the same for any two people. Both Ross and Solie were great and should be regarded as such. The same for MJ and Wilt Chamberlain. There will never be another Joe Montana but there will never be another Tom Brady. Lionel Messi is a once in a generation type talent but he'll never erase the legacy of Pelé. Let's accept greatness for what it is and while we're all allowed to have an opinion about "greatest of all time," we must realize that's nothing more than an opinion that cannot be proved no matter how great the accomplishments or statistics.

Can anyone honestly say that they are looking forward to NeNe Leakes on Monday Night Raw? How do these terrible cross demographic promotions come about?

The majority of the guest stars on Monday Night Raw are nothing to look forward too and are done for reasons I can't begin to explain (product promotion, mainstream attention, crossover audience appeal, etc.). NeNe Leakes and Todd Chrisley are not big mainstream celebrities but reality TV stars that will be utilized on next week's show. There have been a handful of good celebrity appearances - remember when Bob Barker came to Raw? I thought Joan Lunden's message this week was awesome. However, by in large, the crossover doesn't work. I felt the segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda was absolutely dreadful and embarrassing.

If WWE decides to have John Cena go over Dean Ambrose to face Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell at the PPV of the same name, how do you expect the crowd to react?

I expect John Cena to garner a heel reaction in his match against Dean Ambrose and that will only increase if he goes over. There is a good story for either Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins or Cena vs. Rollins, so I'm not going to be "outraged" with either outcome. I just hope the matches are able to save the pay-per-view because so far, there's nothing else of interest what so ever.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: How much input do WWE workers have regarding their entrance music? - It depends on the worker but ultimately WWE decides who comes out to what entrance music. CM Punk was able to get WWE to buy the rights to “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour as part of his new deal signed last year. Obviously the higher up someone is on the card, the more influence they have but Randy Orton once said he had Punk’s old music tapped for himself but WWE gave it to Punk.

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