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Disappointing WWE Star, Injury Updates On Del Rio, Christian & Mysterio, AJ Styles to WWE?, Kevin Nash vs, Undertaker

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If WWE hadn't already brought Hunico to the screen after the Blue vs. Black Sin Cara angle, do you think they would have told the audience Sin Cara's injury wasn't as severe as it is and thrown Hunico back under the mask to keep the character on TV?

That's an interesting thought and we probably will never know. Sin Cara has been one of the biggest disappointments I can remember. Triple H was heavily behind giving him a huge push to ultimately replace Rey Mysterio. His in-ring work was sub-par, he failed a WWE Wellness test and then he suffered a serious knee injury. I don't know if he'll be able to turn it around but the company clearly saw it's not easy to replace a guy like Mysterio.

Do you have injury updates on Alberto Del Rio, Christian and Rey Mysterio?

Alberto Del Rio is expected back this month, Christian is on the booking sheets for live events in April and Rey Mysterio is targeting Wrestlemania as his return date. With that being said I would be surprised if Christian is unable to go for Wrestlemania although his high ankle sprain was severe as I was told he could "barely walk" early last month.

Do you think AJ Styles will ever leave TNA for WWE?

While I cannot confirm AJ Styles' contract status I believe his current deal is up with TNA Impact Wrestling this summer. If that is the case AJ might choose to explore his options but I don't know what the interest would be like in WWE. I can confirm that WWE is "snooping around," looking for new talent. You can find out much more at this link.

Why not have Kevin Nash face off against The Undertaker and still include Triple H and Shawn Michaels?

There are a few of you out there that would like to see Kevin Nash vs. The Undertaker but I'm not one of them. Nash's knees are as bad if not worse than Undertaker’s knees and while he and Hunter had a decent match at WWE TLC, I don't think it would go over well at Wrestlemania. WWE is going to do Hunter vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year with the storyline set to progress on next week's Raw Supershow with Shawn Michaels.

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