Divas Shine, RVD’s New Contract, Ziggler Dropping The Title, WWE & TNA PPVs

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Rob Van Dam

What's your reaction to AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn at WWE Payback? I thought it was one of the best Divas matches in a long time.

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn worked hard and delivered a good match Sunday night at WWE Payback. I was interested to see what AJ would look like, given the fact she Tweeted that she was very ill the night before. Here was my reaction that I posted on Facebook: It's awesome to see when people that have worked extremely hard get rewarded. Congrats to AJ Lee, the new #WWE Divas Champion. Good match with Kaitlyn as well! #WWEPayback. Send me a friend request on Facebook at this link to talk wrestling, sports and anything else.

Is Rob Van Dam going to have a full time contract when returning to WWE?

I do not know the terms of Rob Van Dam's new WWE contract but he has a deal that will see him return to the company at WWE Money in the Bank next month. They're likely waiting until the pay-per-view so he can fulfill his independent dates. We've highly publicized RVD's return to the company and interest in his services. He's not expected to work the full-time schedule and his deal is not believed to be long-term.

Did Dolph Ziggler lose the World Heavyweight Championship because of injury?

Dolph Ziggler was cleared to compete and what you saw at WWE Payback was storyline. I know people get sensitive when WWE incorporates concussions into storylines but the stuff done at the pay-per-view was pre-planned and scripted. I'm not thrilled about taking the title off Ziggler so soon but I understand why they did it. WWE is pulling a double switch with Alberto Del Rio to turn him back heel. I'll have more in my Richard Reacts to WWE Payback.

Is it possible for WWE and TNA to have a pay-per-view on the same night?

I'm not sure with the pay-per-view carriage agreements that it's possible to have two wrestling pay-per-views in the same timeslot on the same night, however, why would TNA want to do that in the first place? Pay-per-view buys are hard enough to come by without direct competition from the largest wrestling promotion on the planet. TNA is best served to work around WWE as they do currently.

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