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Divas In WWE, Dolph Ziggler Misused, The Authority Too Powerful, Undertaker's Health, Prince Devitt/WWE

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I think that WWE has some really good Divas that look the part and can perform in the ring (Emma, Natalya, Paige, etc) but they just don't get enough time to matter. Does the company care about the Divas division?

I agree WWE is loaded with female talent, especially when considering the ceilings of newcomers such as Emma and Paige. The company cares about their Divas, especially with the success of Total Divas; they're just used in a different capacity. WWE is currently using the Divas to attract the female demographic (through the reality series on E) in addition to acting as ambassadors. Unfortunately, actual in-ring talent is secondary, even though there are more than a few Divas that can more than hold their own. I'm not sure this will ever change under the current structure, however, the NXT Divas get far more opportunities to showcase their in-ring talent.

What's the general feeling on Dolph Ziggler within WWE? A lot of former names have come out in support of him recently, but ever since his concussion last year (the first one) it seems WWE sees him as a failure.

We've spent a lot of time over the past couple of years talking about Dolph Ziggler, pointing out the fact he is one of the most under utilized guys on the WWE roster. However, his "bad booking" goes back even further than the injury last year as he was jobbed out after winning the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2012. Just when it looked like he was about to break through, the injury happened and it's been nothing but downhill since. The only reason I can give is that Vince McMahon doesn't see him as a top guy. While his win/loss record isn't bad over his last 10 televised matches at 6-4, I don't think anyone sees him as more than a mid-card talent. I heard he had a fantastic dark match on Tuesday night against Sami Zayn.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on Stephanie McMahon as an on-screen character?

My problem with both the on-air characters of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is they are too powerful. It seems no matter what happens, they always come out on top. This is what happened during the extended Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton program last year and we can see the momentum of the Yes Movement lessoning each week. I get there is a lot of money in Daniel Bryan as the proverbial underdog but most will agree the "B+ player" bit is beyond stale.

Is there any more news on the Undertaker's condition after his Wrestlemania match?

The last I heard on Undertaker was he was banged up pretty bad in his Wrestlemania 30 match against Brock Lesnar, suffering a severe concussion. While most would assume that was it for Undertaker, I'm told there is still a possibility of him working the show next year. Obviously if that happens, he will not have near the same amount of pressure or expectations associated with his match.

Prince Devitt has been a free agent for a while now and linked with a move to the WWE for just as long. Are the WWE interested in him and is there any chance of him appearing soon?

I heard WWE and Prince Devitt were close to deal with him even being given certain assurances as to how long he would have to spend at the WWE Performance Center before getting called up to the main roster. That was one issue that had kept him from signing. Triple H was asked about him in Wednesday's conference call but offered no comment.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2012: Does WWE provide talent with health insurance and benefits such as paid vacations and paid time off? - Performers in WWE are classified as independent contractors, not employees, so options such as health insurance are not available. This has been controversial throughout the years; however, little to no progress has been made when challenged. As for paid vacations and paid time off, a worker will collect their downside guarantee as long as they are not suspended. Therefore if they request time off, and it’s granted, it is paid time off as they are collecting all but show bonuses.

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