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Does Randy Orton Need Neck Fusion Surgery?; The Hardy Boys Returning To WWE

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Randy Orton

These questions were sent in for an installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag but since it’s Saturday and almost Christmas, I decided to make this a free Premium post. Enjoy!

Is there any truth behind the stories going around that Randy Orton needs neck fusion surgery?

Randy Orton is currently out with a shoulder injury. Orton has a history of shoulder problems, which make this even more concerning, but this injury was expected to keep him out 4-6 months from early November, leaving him unavailable for Wrestlemania 32 next year. The official update on that injury is online at this link.

Since then, there have been reports and rumors of Orton having a neck issue with the fear he could require neck fusion surgery. However, this is preliminary and apparently fusion surgery would be a worst-case scenario. I can’t verify he’s even had the shoulder surgery yet so it’s important to take things one step at a time. Randy did recently get married and his new wife posted this photo from their home decorated for Christmas:

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">December 6, 2015

If Orton needs neck surgery, it will keep him out longer but for now, he’s just out with the shoulder injury. Until we know more, there is no reason to speculate.

Has Jeff Hardy agreed to return to WWE?

Both Jeff and Matt Hardy are under contract with TNA Wrestling until February 2016. I’m not sure if that includes the entire month of February but I know that’s when their deals are up and WWE has interest in bringing them both back. Jeff has popped up on WWE’s radar a couple times since he left but officials have been really pleased with how The Dudley Boyz have done since coming back and it opened the door for the Hardys.

Jeff is on record saying he would like to finish his career with WWE and it’s well-known TNA is no longer able to pay top talent like they once did. This is the reason names that have been with them for many years are departing. Kurt Angle is a good example.

I doubt there has been formal contact between WWE and the Hardy Boys because they are under contract with TNA. Once their deals are up; WWE will be free to negotiate. I believe the chances are good they both return to WWE next year but not before February 2016.

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