Ziggler Gimmick Change, Ambrose's Comments, Seth Rollins Booked Weakly

Dolph Ziggler

I'm a Ziggler fan. I think he is a phenomenal wrestler, but for years now, legendary superstars of the past have been telling him, pleading with him, to drop the whole come from behind, always looks like he's being killed, angle. I don't care if he's a heel or a babyface, but he does need to get more aggressive and start being less of a lap dog in the ring. He is a former WWE Champion, and I'm sure that he'd like to be back in that vein. Unless he changes his fundamental approach to his in ring persona, I don't see this happening. Also, I think he can drop the Dolph Ziggler name and should go with Nick Nemeth. What are your thoughts, WNW?

You have to remember that there are many different wrestling styles, both for heels and faces. Dolph currently likes to use the underdog method of wrestling to tell a story in the ring. It’s funny because I could actually argue that John Cena and Dolph Ziggler wrestle a similar style in the ring right now. The only differences are the hype around John being who he is, that John is almost always booked to win in the end, and that Dolph is better at selling moves which makes it feel like he is being more thoroughly beaten up. You also have to remember there are more than just Dolph and his opponent involved in deciding a match’s outcome. There are agents and producers telling them details of the match. While Dolph ultimately decides his in-ring style, there is less freedom than one might think. Dolph is a former World Heavyweight Champion, but not a former WWE Champion, it’s an important distinction because the WHC was viewed as less than the WWE Championship at the time. Dolph’s in-ring style isn’t his problem, he wrestles (and looks) very similar to Shawn Michaels and Shawn is one of the greatest of all time. His problems come from WWE creative and upper management not having confidence in him and getting behind him. This time last year Dolph was the lone survivor of his team at Survivor Series, beating 3 men in a row including current WWE Champion, Seth Rollins. It looked like he was on his way towards a huge push but WWE backed off his push quickly. Dropping the name Dolph Ziggler and switching to Nick Nemeth would be pointless unless they were giving him a total gimmick reboot, which wouldn’t work at this stage of his career. People already know who he is and he has a very loyal fanbase, so the change wouldn’t have any weight to it. On top of that WWE likely wouldn’t let it happen because they don’t like their wrestlers to use their real names because WWE wouldn’t own the rights at that point. That’s why you see people like Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, even Daniel Bryan, using different names than they used in the indy scene.

After watching last week's US Open challenge, I've been eager to ask you is there a plan for the US title to be removed from John Cena and is there any chance Dolph could take it, having in mind their possible rivalry over Nikki Bella?

I would love for Dolph Ziggler to be the one to take the United States Championship from John Cena. There are certainly little teases that Ziggler could be the next person to face off with Cena. The angle from Total Divas, Ziggler raked the eyes of Cena during the match which is a “heel” move, and it seems Ziggler is done with his awful summer angle with Rusev and Lana. It would be interesting to see if WWE wants to make the move to show the real life relationship between Cena and Nikki Bella on WWE television, seeing as they never have before. It would also take some tweaking of Nikki Bella’s character, her over the top heel persona wouldn’t match with Cena’s over the top babyface gimmick. I’d be all for putting Ziggler with Cena because it puts Ziggler in the spotlight. People can say what they want about Cena being a “brick wall” in the WWE, and I don’t necessarily disagree, but anything that puts a Superstar in the spotlight is good. As of right now I haven’t heard anything official about a Cena/Ziggler storyline, but we can only hope after the great match they had on Raw.

I absolutely loved what Dean Ambrose had to say about people 'ruining the magic' of professional wrestling. Considering the content this site provides I'd definitely like to hear if any of the Ask WNW team had anything to add in response. Agree/Disagree etc?

I have to say, I totally get where Ambrose is coming from when he says he’s tired of people taking pictures of him, or anyone, and posting it online. These wrestlers get so little privacy to begin with, and in the social media age people are quick to try and post picture of celebrities as soon as they see them out. I also agree with Ambrose that if you go out of your way to ruin a storyline or spoil an event, you’re a jerk. It’s like when people post spoilers from a show the second it airs. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan and if I am late to see an episode, even by an hour, I have to stay off social media entirely to avoid people posting spoilers. It can be extremely frustrating because we live in an era where people can be more concerned with “likes” or views, rather than actually enjoying a product. As for what we do here, yes we do our best to pull back the curtain and give our fans the inside track on what’s happening. The difference is that people come to us for it, we don’t shove it in front of them. We aren’t going out of our way to ruin things for our fans, because our fans want that information. If you’re reading a dirt sheet, you’re looking for that curtain to be pulled back.

Wouldn't it make sense for WWE to book Rollins as a stronger champion by having him go over on RAW instead of constantly losing? Doesn't it make him look like a weak champion?

It would make all the sense in the world for WWE to book Rollins stronger, and honestly I have no idea what they’re doing. Seth Rollins has gone under clean so many times lately it’s a wonder he’s still champion. WWE is wondering if Seth Rollins isn’t doing a great job as champion and not helping ratings. I argue that Seth Rollins isn’t failing WWE, WWE is failing Seth Rollins. WWE has failed to book Seth Rollins with any confidence when he’s absolutely worthy of it, yet they wonder why people don’t tune in. Let’s not forget that until very recently Seth Rollins was winning nearly every title match he had either due to interference or he lost via DQ but retained the championship. From WrestleMania until SummerSlam, Rollins only successfully defended his title without any help ONCE out of 6 matches (against Dean Ambrose in a ladder match). Rollins is an extremely talented worker and is believable as a champion, and doesn’t need the “slimey heel” victories every single title match. I don’t really know why WWE is booking Rollins the way they are, but they only have themselves to blame for their lack of legends in this generation of wrestling.

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