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Dolph Ziggler Leaving WWE?, GFW Launch, Samoa Joe's Future, Who Survives On Destination America

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Is Dolph Ziggler really leaving WWE?

Dolph Ziggler’s WWE contract is rumored to expire this year and word in many circles is that he’s frustrated and at least considering his options when his contract comes up. We first mentioned the uncertain status of Dolph Ziggler last week here on Wrestling News World Premium and reported on his options in a further update.

The rumor was actually started by Ziggler himself in a worked shoot promo that he tweeted prior to his “Kiss Me Arse” match against Sheamus at Extreme Rules.

Ziggler would be making a huge mistake if he left WWE. There is nowhere else that is going to provide him with the opportunities that WWE can at this current time. TNA Wrestling is no longer the clear cut No. 2 and could still be losing domestic television. While I would like to see Ziggler get more of a viable push in WWE, working as a mid carder there would probably be better than searching for an alternative given the current volatility of the business.

What is your initial opinion of Global Force Wrestling? Is there anything to the promotion?

It’s too early to have an opinion of Global Force Wrestling. They’re just now getting established with their Grand Slam live events and since I haven’t been at one of the shows, there is no way for me to fairly pass judgment. It’s extremely frustrating to see fans that have already made up their mind they do not like the promotion when it’s barely gotten off the ground. Successful businesses take time and money to build and given the small sample size, there just isn’t any way I can say they will or won’t make it. I did want to kill off one criticism is that the promotion has a “weak talent roster,” as that’s not fair. GFW isn’t doing exclusive contracts right now so they’re plucking talent off the indy scene.

Do you believe Samoa Joe actually has a future on the main WWE roster?

Samoa Joe benefitted greatly from Ring of Honor’s deal with Destination America. His deal to come to WWE NXT was described to me as a tryout of sorts but things changed when ROH landed a national television deal. This caused WWE to lock him up in a more exclusive arrangement and now that he has his foot in the door, anything is possible. The knock on Joe has always been his look and Kevin Owens is destroying that glass ceiling. People thought Owens didn’t have the look and he could very well end up one of the breakout stars of 2015. Joe has all the talent in the world and I believe he could be a main eventer in WWE if Triple H can convince Vince McMahon to book him as such. A decade ago I would have said there was “no chance” Joe could be successful but things are changing and I’m glad to see it.

Who succeeds on Destination America - TNA Wrestling or Ring of Honor or both? Why do you feel this way?

It’s too early to tell. The situation with TNA Wrestling is very sad. It’s a company that has overcome many obstacles and lasted longer than pretty much anyone thought was possible but they are facing very real adversity right now. Not only does their relationship with Destination America appeared to have soured but their viewership numbers continue to decline. I am worried what will happen to TNA if they lose domestic TV and that’s not something to be celebrated. Sure, I am as frustrated as the next person about the opportunities that TNA has blown, the blatant mismanagement and lies, etc, however, if TNA fails, the business fails. And that’s not good for anyone.

Ring of Honor has the chance to become the new No. 2 promotion in the United States but it’s not going to happen overnight and they are going to need some production upgrades to make it feel like it. I am glad to see ROH get the opportunity as they showcase a talented roster that is truly a WWE alternative. At this point, I believe ROH could replace TNA on Destination America but it’s a volatile situation that cannot be easily predicted at this time.

Earlier today, Jamie Welton penned an eloquent piece on Chris Benoit, making some fascinating points. What is your response?

There is no rule against writing about Chris Benoit on I choose to avoid it because it’s too depressing to process but below was my response to Jamie’s well written piece:

I believe the biggest thing that sets Chris Benoit apart from Verne Gagne or any other murderer is that Benoit isn't just a killer, he's a child killer. Generally speaking, we live in a forgiving world and people are willing to give someone a second chance; however, there are certain crimes that are especially heinous that do not carry that level of forgiveness.

Now, for anyone that believes Benoit is innocent or subscribes to some sort of conspiracy theory, please understand I am not interested in that debate. I do not wish to rehash this story, not today or any other.

As a father, I couldn't imagine hurting a child for any reason. It's unfathomable to me what Chris did, I don't want to believe it and I certainly don't understand it. However, I am left with no choice but to be sickened by him because of what he did.

The WWE Hall of Fame argument seems fairly asinine to me. While the WWE HoF is very much an honor and its legitimacy has been bolstered in recent years, it still has a long ways to go. There is no formal voting committee and it's more of who McMahon can get in and make a profit off of. Again, I'm not trying to take anything away from the WWE HoF, but it's still very much "part-work" and always will be. It's about selling tickets, creating Mania hype and giving WWE another avenue to capitalize on lucrative revenue streams through the licensing of products.

Further, honoring Benoit in any fashion runs the risk of absolving him of the heinous actions in his final days and could make light of the innocent lives that were lost in Nancy and Daniel. For that alone, Benoit should not be honored in any way.

WWE won't touch this, nor should they but I understand a segment of fans will always be annoyed about Benoit being removed from history. While I agree it's a bit silly to pretend he never existed, I would much rather WWE go out of their way to minimize Benoit than do anything that could make light of the innocent lives that were taken. RIP Nancy and Daniel Benoit.

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