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Dreading New Wrestlemania Tradition, Lesnar MIA, Harper/Rowan Lost, Wayne Rooney

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What is your opinion on the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? I think it's a lazy way for them to fill time at Wrestlemania and I'd rather see a stacked card.

I am not a fan of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I didn’t like it last year, it did nothing to help Cesaro (who won it) and I’m still upset WWE no longer does a Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. Obviously Cesaro’s problems had more to do with WWE trying to push him as a heel with Paul Heyman when he was on the verge of breaking out as a babyface, but the battle royal was underwhelming last year, aside from the spot where Cesaro eliminated Big Show. The match is a way for WWE to get as many “deserving” names on the show as possible, however, one can only wonder if Ryback is frustrated considering how much more he’s gotten over, yet he’s still listed in the same Wrestlemania match as Curtis Axel.

As good of a performer as Roman Reigns is, and as great as Paul Heyman is on the mic, I can't help but wonder how WWE can hype the main event for Wrestlemania 31 without having Brock Lesnar on television. Do you think this could create a problem leading up to the show if the defending champion isn't on television on a weekly basis in WWE's most important season?

Brock Lesnar was at Raw in Nashville on Monday night but something happened and he didn’t appear. We’re still working on it but I’m told there was a lot of talk about what Frank Mir said about him at the UFC Fight Night 61 post-fight press conference after beating Antônio Silva in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Sunday. We have that story at this link. Prior to whatever happened with Brock at Raw on Monday, we received information on what Brock wasn’t happy about in WWE and tied it into WWE not using him at this link.

Back to your question, yes, Brock being off TV certainly makes it more difficult for WWE to build his title defense against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 31. The entire title reign has been a disaster because of his infrequent appearances. Vince thinks by using Brock sparingly, it makes him more of a special attraction but I don’t think it’s worked out that way. However, make no mistake about it, he was planned for this week’s show but wasn’t used when something happened. What exactly what that was is unknown at press time.

After The Wyatt Family was split, it immediately seemed Luke Harper was set for big things and Erick Rowan was left by the wayside. An injury to Sheamus threw Rowan a bone and now it seems in Wrestlemania season Harper is out in the cold with nothing for him creatively. Where do you see the immediate future for Harper in terms of actual plans or your opinion?

I was actually talking to someone about this earlier in the day and is it fair to say The Wyatt Family was split up prematurely? Bray Wyatt didn’t make it to the next level after his feud with John Cena ended and WWE basically started from scratch on him after he "set his family free." The feeling was Erick Rowan was going to be the odd man out but now Luke Harper is equally as lost. I really don’t have an answer you. Harper is very talented but where does he go? Hopefully WWE can figure something out for him and Rowan but let’s hope at the very least that Bray is elevated someway the proposed Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker.

Do you see WWE being interested in a Wayne Rooney vs. Bad News Barrett altercation at Wrestlemania 31 following their exchange on Twitter?

As a Manchester United fan, I loved seeing our captain get involved in a Twitter altercation with Bad News Barrett. I thought it was a lot of fun and WWE was very pleased with all of the press they got in the British media. I do not see Rooney being able to make a cameo at Wrestlemania because of his busy schedule. In addition to his duties with Manchester United, England has a match on Friday, March 27th against Lithuania. While it’s unknown if Rooney will feature in that match, a trip to the United States at this time seems unlikely. WWE returns to Manchester on April 12, 2015 but that’s the same day as the Manchester Derby, so I don’t know if we’ll get to see an epic Rooney vs. Barrett confrontation. It would be great though!

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2008: If WWE does end up changing the taping schedule by taping ECW on Monday nights before Raw, do you see SmackDown going live on Fridays? - No I do not see the show going live. There were rumors a couple of months ago (not posted on this website) that there was talk of the show going live but all of my sources denied them to be true. WWE airs Raw live on Mondays and tapes on Tuesdays because it is more cost effective to fly all of the production crews on consecutive nights rather than wait until the end of the week. For example, WWE had a pay-per-view last night so the production and camera crews will go from the pay-per-view to Raw to the SmackDown/ECW tapings and will be able to return home for the rest of the week. The feeling is that it would put too much stress on the company to try and do another live show later in the week.

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