Dreading Punk vs. Ryback, Big E Langston In WWE, Who Deserves World Title Shot, Corporation Story Arc

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Ryback vs. CM Punk

With CM Punk vs. Ryback announced for WWE Battleground, can either of these guys really afford another pay-per-view loss and continue to be taken seriously as top guys?

This is a really good point and yet another reason why I'm 100% against this program. I can't tell you the last time I dreaded a program involving CM Punk but this one against Ryback is one I simply don't care about. I heard some were raving about Ryback's mic work on Raw but I'm in the minority. I've seen him and I don't buy him. The quandary in this match is blatantly obvious. Does Punk do yet another job or does WWE put under a guy they're restarting on yet again? There could always be a dirty finish to progress the storyline but we just saw that this month at Night of Champions. It's lose-lose-lose.

What are the plans for Big E Langston when he returns to television?

Big E Langston worked a match that was taped for WWE Superstars prior to this week's Monday Night Raw. In it, he tagged with Damien Sandow to oppose Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. Langston was in the running for the next "Paul Heyman guy" but the role was ultimately given to Ryback.

Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, or R-Truth. Who would you rather see in the main event for a world title feud?

When I look at these names I have to go with untapped potential. Kofi Kingston is a workhorse but he's had his chances. The same goes with R-Truth. His work is not as good as Kingston's but he's had more than enough opportunities. This narrows the list to Drew McIntyre and Justin Gabriel. Both McIntyre and Gabriel have held titles in WWE but I think most can agree the company hasn't done that much with them. So now I look to age. Gabriel is 32 and McIntyre is 28. I pick Drew McIntyre.

Do you have ANY idea where this storyline between the McMahons and the Rhodes family with Daniel Bryan in the middle is going? It makes no sense to me....what are your thoughts?

The storyline is complex and there are multiple side stories. The purpose is to create a story arc that will engage the viewer as competition increases with the fall television season. I think the storyline has had its ups and downs but one thing is very clear - Daniel Bryan is over. No, he's really, really over. I mean over like rover, did you see the reaction Daniel Bryan got in Chicago on Monday night? So despite the criticisms, the one thing that is abundantly clear is it has worked to elevate Daniel Bryan. The Rhodes family, Scott Armstrong and other members of the WWE roster (such as The Shield) are side parts of the program. They are extras that add other elements to WWE's main program of the fall.

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