Erick Rowan Replaced, Twin Magic Too Obvious, Smackdown Fall From Glory, Where Are The Other Divas During The Revolution


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Now that the Wyatts have a new member wearing a black mask similar to Erick Rowan’s sheep mask what is the plan for Rowan when he returns and do you think he will be part of the cuts coming up?

Right now there are no plans for Erick Rowan due to his arm injury. Rowan injured his arm back in June and the recovery time is a minimum of 4-6 months if he didn’t end up needing surgery. That puts Rowan back in late October at the very soonest. More than likely, though, Rowan will miss the remainder of 2015. If I had to guess I’d say Rowan will return for the 2016 Royal Rumble. With Braun Stowman coming in as the new third member of the Wyatt Family I would look for Rowan to take on his own gimmick, but a lot can change between now and then. As for him being cut, it seems like WWE is going to focus more on developmental workers rather than main roster cuts. Even if WWE does decide to make some main roster cuts, I’d say there are other workers who would be ahead of him in line for their pink slips.

Was it beyond obvious that there would be "twin magic" shenanigans in the Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella match when Nikki and Brie come out dressed in the exact same outfits?

I noticed this and I know a good number of the people during the WNW Raw Live Report noticed it as well. WWE really does insult the intelligence of the fans sometimes and it is a personal pet peeve of mine. Nikki usually wears the very short bottoms and Brie wears the ripped pants, so when Brie made her way to the ring in short bottoms it was pretty obvious what was about to happen. It’s especially insulting to the audience because while they are twins, the Bellas can be separately identified very easily at this point. Nikki has a larger bust, long extensions in her hair, and her hair color is a bit lighter. Brie has a smaller more cut body at this point, darker and shorter hair. If we’re getting into specifics Brie and Nikki also do their make-up in different ways, too.

The outcome of the Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella match was, in my opinion, a cop out. What’s the point in having Paige and Becky Lynch at ringside if they aren’t there to help stop things like “Twin Magic” from happening. WWE doesn’t even try to hide it’s hand at this point; there was no getting around the fact that the twins were going to try and pull “Twin Magic” on Raw. If they want it to be a surprise they could at least have Brie and Nikki start wrestling in identical attire again. I feel like WWE missed out on a perfect opportunity to capitalize on a moment for Charlotte, but still give Nikki her dues. Nikki ties the record for the longest reigning Divas Championship run so she can still say “I’m the longest reigning champion in history” but Charlotte can be the one who took the title before she broke the record. The fans would have gone crazy for it and Charlotte would have been over like rover. I have heard from a lot of people that they won’t feel the Divas Revolution will truly begin until that title comes off Nikki Bella. WWE had the chance to take advantage of a GREAT opportunity and they dropped the ball. Even if Charlotte wins on Sunday at Night of Champions, it won’t be as big a moment because everyone already spent all their energy getting excited when she “won” on Raw.

Since the WWE brands became one a few years ago, Smackdown, I feel, has become an afterthought to Raw in comparison to how it was treated during the attitude era. What do you think needs to be done to improve the show where it feels like something lacks?

Smackdown has certainly had its peaks and valleys over the years. The best thing for Smackdown since the Attitude Era was the splitting of the Raw and Smackdown brands. Back in 2002, Raw and Smackdown officially became their own brands with their own Superstars and Championships. When Smackdown is treated as it’s own separate entity it receives more attention from WWE. It especially helped when we had the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship as separate World titles. Having two World titles allowed for a larger main event scene that was split up between shows and gave Smackdown the ability to function as it’s own show without having to rely on shared talent. When Raw went from a 2 hour program to a 3 hour program on July 23rd, 2012, it was the beginning of the end for Smackdown as it’s own divided brand. It’s fate was sealed when WWE merged the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships together at TLC in 2013.

Smackdown has always been considered to be the “B” show behind Raw. Turning Smackdown into a better show would be an uphill battle and would take some seriously bold moves by WWE, moves that they might not necessarily want to make. In my opinion there are several key changes they would have to make. First, Smackdown would have to go from being a pre-taped program to a live event. The ratings will always be lower when you can just read the results days before the actual event. It’s documented that even Raw’s numbers take a dip when they’re in the UK or if Raw is pre-recorded for any reason. Second, they’ll have to switch to a larger network. Smackdown has always been on smaller networks, a jump to USA or one of the larger, more popular networks would increase the number of eyes on the program. Smackdown actually will be making the switch to USA in 2016, so they’re heading in the right direction. Third, Smackdown will need to become a place where current storylines actually progress. Content on Smackdown is always just enhancement to whatever happens on Raw, nothing new or important happens on Smackdown anymore. Those would be my key changes on how to make Smackdown more of a destination show, but there are many other changes that would have to be made as well.

With the formation of the 3 diva super groups, where are the other divas? There haven't been matches including the other divas on the roster.

The Divas Revolution has certainly taken center stage, but surprisingly most of the other divas have been moved around so they’re still getting spotlight somewhere. Right now, according to WWE’s roster listing, the only divas that are on the active roster but aren’t a part of the Divas Revolution are Cameron, Emma, Eva Marie, Natty Hart, Rosa, and Summer Rae. Cameron hasn’t been seen since around April. Emma and Eva Marie are both working down in NXT right now. Natty has been MIA on TV and many are questioning why she isn’t part of the Divas Revolution because of her extreme talent in the ring, but others speculate it’s because she is taking as much of her free time as possible to care for Tyson Kidd who has been out after suffering an extremely dangerous neck injury. Rosa is actually pregnant (congratulations to her) so she won’t be taking bumps for a while. That just leaves Summer Rae who we all know has been involved in the Dolph Ziggler/Rusev/Lana storyline. The Divas roster has never been huge to begin with so with 6 “veterans” and 3 NXT call-ups, that pretty much IS the whole Divas roster. I would say to expect this to continue, the old breed of diva either adapting or being phased out. With more extremely talented women down in NXT just waiting to be called up, the Revolution is most certainly on.

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