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Fandango At WM29, CM Punk's Future, WWE Divas, Least Favorite Finishers

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We all know Fandango is a good in-ring worker but does he have what it takes to put on a credible match at Wrestlemania match against Chris Jericho?

For those not familiar, Fandango has been in WWE's developmental system since 2006 and was on WWE NXT (the first version of the TV show) as Johnny Curtis. We've seen a lot of his work although not under the Fandango gimmick. He's someone that WWE sees extraordinary potential in, which is why he's remained under contract for so many years. I feel a lot of people are writing off Fandango before giving him a fair chance. It was fun with the memes about "never getting his name right" so we didn't have to sit through the gimmick, but now's not the time to shun something because it's different. Fandango vs. Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 29 has the potential to serve as a launch pad for Fantango's career and the fact he's working with Jericho only helps legitimize him. Given the fact that Wrestlemania 29 is stacked with so much part-time talent, it's essential at least one up and coming worker is able to benefit from it. It's refreshing to see Fandango on the Wrestlemania card and I'm optimistic about the match. On the flip side, if he can't get over working with Jericho, things will become very bleak.

Where do you see CM Punk after Wrestlemania?

It seems like CM Punk is going to need some time off to nurse his wounds and heel up from injury. I am disturbed at the thought of Punk going under The Undertaker after doing consecutive jobs to The Rock and one clean job to John Cena on free TV for good measure. Punk has been the best thing to come out of WWE in the last several years yet he was "fed the giants" the moment his title reign reached historic proportions. I fully expect Undertaker to remain undefeated at Wrestlemania but I also feel it will be a terrible mistake that could damage the long-term future of CM Punk.

When is Vince McMahon and WWE going to "turn things up a notch" with their women's division?

I wouldn't hold my breath in regards to the Divas in WWE. Following the multitude of female departures late last year, WWE surveyed fans about what they wanted to see with their Divas. Three months into 2013, I really can't say much has changed with limited storylines, short matches and forgettable programs. The reason Divas matches tank on pay-per-view is because they are given so little TV time, fans are apathetic about their programs.

What are your least favorite finishers?

I dislike any finisher that is illogical. When the product is contrived and the outcomes are preplanned, finishers must be convincing if they're going to sell me on their legitimacy. In no particular order, some of my least favorite finishers include the five-knuckle scuffle, the people's elbow, Hulk Hogan's leg drop and The Great Khali's vice grip. On the flip side, some of my favorite finishers include the 450 splash, the shooting star press, Styles Clash and the Stone Cold Stunner.

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