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Fans Turning On AJ Lee, Thoughts On Ryback, Heat Between CM Punk & Jerry Lawler?, Kane's Character

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Do you feel AJ Lee as General Manager is becoming boring?

I am amazed at how quickly many have turned on AJ Lee. Considered the "Internet's darling" over the summer, several readers have dismissed her under the role as Raw's General Manager. I'm still intrigued by the work of AJ and do not feel we are far enough in to call it a failure (although we can't call it a success yet either).

Ryback seems limited and boring. What are your thoughts?

Ryback has only had a few opportunities with WWE roster members and none of his matches have been anything more than glorified squash matches. I'm not sold on Ryback because of the Goldberg rehash tag but we'll see where it goes. Vince McMahon is still very high up on Ryback and is still telling the creative team to push him.

Is there any real-life heat between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler?

There is no real-life heat between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler but both play their respective roles so well it is very convincing. I love how Lawler is able to get over as a babyface more than the majority of the roster. A lot of the younger guys/up-and-comers could learn a lot from The King. Jerry is a guy with an old school mentality the fans almost always connect with.

I thought Kane's part in the anger management class segment was funny but didn't WWE put the mask back on him to portray him as an evil monster (and not comedic relief)?

One could argue no one has booked with more inconstancy in WWE history than Kane. The character goes from evil to comedy in one week with absolutely no reason. How about Kane the commentator? Kane fans get furious when I say this but he's a reliable veteran the company puts in to "fill the gaps."

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