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Favorite Non-nWo Moments In WCW, Scott Steiner's Status, Alberto Del Rio's Cars, WWE Showcasing TNA Talent

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Besides the nWo, what was your favorite moments in WCW?

In addition to the original new World order storyline, my favorite moments in WCW were the superior wrestling matches. One thing that I think Eric Bischoff deserves some credit for is bringing in international cruiserweight stars and highlighting them on mainstream shows. Workers such as Ultimo Dragon, Psicosis, La Parka, not to mention the names that became big stars once in WWE such as Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, etc. There was a lot to like on WCW shows and it's a shame the company was ran into the ground.

Are Scott Steiner's Tweets a work or a shoot?

From everything I've seen and heard, Scott Steiner's most-recent Tweets on Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and company are legitimate. He is finished with TNA and I'm not sure how his deal to work Ring Ka King is structured. All of Steiner's appearances on the international show up until this point have been pre-taped. As I've discussed before, Steiner can come off as cocky and arrogant but a lot of what he is saying regarding the dysfunctional TNA structure is true.

Where does WWE get the cars Alberto Del Rio cruises in with each show?

WWE rents the vehicles from high-end car rental dealerships. The only role Alberto Del Rio has with the cars is to come out in them.

On this week's Raw Supershow WWE they showed old matches of Brock Lesnar and each match he was facing opponents who are now in TNA. Why would WWE feature TNA stars?

Vince McMahon has made it pretty clear he doesn't see TNA as a threat to his business. There really isn't a bigger example than the use of Ric Flair at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony this year and the night after at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

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