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Favorite Weapons In Pro Wrestling, WWE Changing PPV Schedule, The Rock Working After Wrestlemania?, Beth Phoenix Update

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What are some of your favorite or most effective weapons used by talent? For instance Al Snow's head, the Mounties' cattle prod, Bossman's night stick, Undertaker's urn, weapons talent brought to the ring on a regular basis.

Some of the weapons you mentioned are some great choices. While not a comprehensive list, some other favorites of mine include the tables of Public Enemy, The Great Muta's mist, Triple H's sledgehammer and Finlay's shillelagh. My favorite universal weapon in pro wrestling is the kendo stick. It makes a great noise, it's versatile and it doesn't put a worker's health in jeopardy like a steel chair. I oppose any unprotected shot to a worker's head with a weapon due to what is now known about concussions.

What is the logic behind WWE constantly tweaking their pay-per-view schedule and model?

WWE alters the pay-per-view schedule to maximize interest and buyrates. There is nothing more to it than WWE wanting to run the shows that will draw the most buys from their audience. When WWE overhauled the B-level shows, they surveyed fans online to find out the most popular gimmicks in which they could develop shows around. While not everyone agrees with their decisions, they make these decisions on research and fan input.

Do you see The Rock returning for another match after Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Anything is possible but I think there is a very real possibility that Wrestlemania XXVIII is The Rock's last match. The Rock had no plans to return to the ring when he agreed to "guest host" last year's Wrestlemania; however, once he got back around the business his position began to change. Vince McMahon basically used Rock's love for the business against him and made this year’s match official by announcing it on television one year in advance. While getting around the business once again might make Rock open to another match, I don't see him abandoning his successful acting career to return to pro wrestling. He's getting paid more for a much less hectic travel schedule.

Where is Beth Phoenix? Why hasn't she been on TV the past few weeks?

It was believed that Beth Phoenix was being held off television after the facial injury she suffered when Alicia Fox stiffed her. She wasn't seriously injured because she has continued to work WWE live events. However, Beth has been held off television even after the facial injury has healed. As far as I know her lack of appearances on television have to do with time constraints and other angles taking priority.

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