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Feeding Dolph Ziggler To Orton On Raw, Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho A Heel, Brodus Clay's Gimmick

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I can't understand having Dolph Ziggler put Randy Orton over on Monday night? Is this just backstage power coming through because I can't see how making Ziggler look weak benefits anyone?

I agree it was a poor way to book Dolph Ziggler. His match with Randy Orton was outstanding and as I mentioned in yesterday's Premium Mailbag, was as talked about as much as Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk. Ziggler's work has been outstanding and I don't see where or how he benefits from Orton going over him clean after a loss against CM Punk at Royal Rumble. The win didn't help Randy and it only made Ziggler look bad.

Is Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes still being considered for Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Earlier last month it looked like WWE was testing the waters with Goldust and Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania. Goldust, who works backstage as a producer, began to lobby fans on Twitter about the match. I haven't heard what the plan is going forward but it will likely depend on what else WWE wants to do at the show and if time will allow for it to happen.

I assume Chris Jericho is now a heel on WWE TV. What is the reasoning behind this?

Chris Jericho is a much better heel than babyface. I have to think part of the way he's been booked with the "mute" gimmick is to silence enormous return pops. One of the things that intrigued Jericho in negotiating to return to WWE is working with CM Punk. The feud started back this summer when Jericho Tweeted for Punk to "mind his own business" and "stop ripping him off." This should be a spectacular Wrestlemania match which will culminate a very "intricate" program.

When will WWE begin feuding Brodus Clay and what direction do they plan to go with him?

WWE is currently building Brodus Clay up by having him squash enhancement workers on both Raw and Smackdown to maximize his exposure. The idea is to get the gimmick over before putting it into a program. While I was caught off guard with the Funkasaurus gimmick, I'm actually enjoying it and also feel it's working.

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