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Final Inductees, WWE's Strategies Outdated?, Divas MITB, Lackluster WM31 Build

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Why is there a debate about whether Kevin Nash goes into the WWE Hall of Fame as Nash or Diesel? Surely it would make sense for him to go in as Kevin Nash and celebrate he's career across all gimmicks and both WWE and WCW? And why wouldn't he then be able to go into the HOF again as part of the NWO?

First, allow me to catch everyone up. A situation we’ve been covering on Wrestling News World Premium has to do with the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction of Kevin Nash.

We reported here on Wrestling News World Premium that Vince McMahon had changed his mind on Kevin Nash going in as Diesel and was willing to let him be inducted as Nash. Nash was apparently willing to sit out the Hall of Fame if he had to go in as his WWE character, similar to how Scott Hall went in as Razor Ramon in 2014.

In an updated report — posted here on Wrestling News World Premium on Sunday - we noted that Nash will be announced as a WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 on next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw (a week from tonight’s episode). Here’s the kicker. It’s unknown if he’ll be announced as Kevin Nash or as Diesel, as Vince has been trying to talk him back into going in as Diesel. We’re told WWE production has videos prepared for both.

As for why this is done, it’s anyone’s guess. I would assume for promotional purposes so that Vince can sell Diesel and then Nash again as a member of the nWo. I assume Hogan will be inducted as “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan when he’s inducted with the nWo.

While being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is very much an honor, we all need to remember there is a very real promotional component to it.

The New York Yankees have fallen on tough times recently because, in large part, of their overwhelming arrogance and outdated philosophies and strategies. I wholeheartedly feel the WWE could be heading down the same road. Can you ever see at point and time (let’s say 20 or 30 years from now) where the WWE is a mere shadow of itself and another promotion sits atop the wrestling world?

I’m not trying to debate New York sports fans, but the Yankees are in a transitional period. Yes, some of their bad contracts are coming back to haunt them but they’re in the process of replacing some of the greatest players to ever play baseball. Mariano Rivera (who retired in ’13) and Derek Jeter (who retired in ’14) were two of the best ever. They also have to transition Alex Rodriguez to Designated Hitter, they’re still on the hook for the Mark Teixeira contract and they overpaid for my boy (former Atlanta Brave) Brian McCann. They’ll right the ship but that’s a lot of talent coming up at around the same time and they have to navigate through and have to do it without “The Boss.”

WWE is in a similar situation where it’s 2015 and they’re featuring Brock Lesnar, Sting, John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker but to their credit, they’re trying to use them to bring up the new wave (Lesnar working Roman Reigns, Cena working Rusev, Orton working Rollins and Undertaker working Wyatt). The only bout that doesn’t have the potential to help an up and coming talent is Sting vs. Hunter, something Hunter himself wanted as a match.

I actually believe WWE has done a good job at not only keeping up with the times but getting ahead of the curb with their strategies. The evolution of the WWE Network and the WWE Performance Center are two huge undertakings that should keep competition far away from them for decades to come.

I do believe they need to ditch the part-time model but we’ve talk about that at excess. However, at the very least, they’re giving Reigns, Wyatt, Rusev and Rollins a share of the Wrestlemania spotlight. That’s a good thing and hopefully more than one is a perennial main event talent after this year’s show.

What do you think of the idea of introducing a Divas Money in the Bank briefcase? Could it possibly revamp the interest towards the Divas division?

A lot of readers have sent their ideas that #GiveDivasAChance and your idea isn’t a bad one, but my response is the same. WWE must make a philosophical change to the way they push their Divas if they are ever going to be anything more than a placeholder on television and pay-per-views. For as long as their screen time is limited and their title is buried, they will continue to be an afterthought.

Total Divas greatly helped raise the profiles of the Divas but it did little to nothing to change the perception of the Divas because the way they are booked on main roster programming. WWE has shown hints of actually giving the Divas a chance but they have a long way to go.

So to answer your question, a Divas Money in the Bank briefcase at this point would probably not help things. They have to start by giving Divas more screen time and follow up by restoring prestige to their title by booking the champion (Nikki Bella) in credible title defense matches.

So far this year's Wrestlemania build doesn't feel like anything more than another B level PPV with WWE seemingly sleep walking from one Raw to the next. Do you think this is something we might have to get use to in the "9.99" era?

The build to Wrestlemania 31 has suffered, that’s for sure. I believe the biggest thing has to do with the infrequent appearances of Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and Sting. While we can all look at the positives of holding Undertaker off until the show itself (they’ve done it before and it worked), missing all three from at least weekly Raw appearances is just inexcusable.

It’s probably safe to assume the thinking is holding these guys off TV will make their appearances a bigger deal but it’s almost impossible to build programs people care about with only half of the match showing up week in and week out.

So far, the build for the Intercontinental Championship has been the most consistent thing pushed on television for the past several weeks. Other than that, this show is riding the “name value” of its participants. With so many hours of weekly TV -- 3 hours of Raw alone -- it takes more than name value to keep people engaged on a regular basis.

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