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Balor A Top Star?, McGregor's Controversy, Samoa Joe After NXT, Wyatt & Styles Haven't Won In Nearly A Month

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Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Do you think Finn Balor will be kept at the top of the card going into the future or do you think ultimately they will have him as the face of the cruiserweight division?

Finn Balor has the support of both Vince McMahon and Triple H and, as we reported, has taken the place of Roman Reigns. If anyone has ever had the chance to prove they are a main event talent, Balor has it right now. There are a couple of reasons for concern — there is always something — but Vince felt Balor lacked steam heading into SummerSlam so he made the call to go to The King Demon persona, which we saw last night on Raw. We have the backstory on that available here in our Members content but the hope is Finn Balor will be a perennial main event star, not the face of WWE’s cruiserweight division.

Can I just call it now - Kurt Angle vs. Connor McGregor at Wrestlemania 33?

Kurt Angle was one of the wrestlers that got worked by Conor McGregor’s infamous comments but the chances aren’t good of Kurt Angle returning to WWE at all, much less in a bout against one of UFC’s top stars. Back to McGregor’s comments, I suspect they’ll lead to an eventual appearance on WWE programming but that’s more of a hunch than anything else. Talent exchange was discussed when Vince McMahon allowed for Brock Lesnar to fight at UFC 200 and while it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen at SummerSlam, we shouldn’t be surprised if a UFC star shows up sooner than later. If nothing else, McGregor got the WWE roster and its fanbase wanting to tune in to see Nate Diaz fight him on Saturday night.

Do you think when Samoa Joe is called up to the main WWE roster he will get a main event push?

The plan has been for Samoa Joe to get called up to the main WWE roster as soon the latter part of the year and pushed as a top Superstar. We’ll always remain skeptical because of Vince McMahon’s track record of not pushing guys that do not have his coveted look but that’s what I’ve heard up until this point. Joe was brought in to provide a veteran presence in NXT and has become much more than that. He’s seen as someone that has helped grow the WWE NXT brand and that definitely improves his chances of better utilization on the main WWE roster.

What is your take on the win/loss ratio for both Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles?

July 24, 2016 at Battleground is the last time Bray Wyatt won a match, according to the statistics at AJ Styles has not won a match since a live event on July 23, 2016 against Neville, according to the same source. It’s deplorable and something I have heavily criticized. Vince McMahon, Triple H and everyone that works in WWE will say wins and losses don’t matter and it’s more of a "feel" and then point to how successful they are. Wins and losses do matter and it’s why guys like Bray Wyatt are stuck in meaningless roles when he has the potential to be a megastar. AJ Styles has to beat John Cena at SummerSlam and he has to do it clean or they’ve just wasted him. I got criticized a few weeks ago for saying Styles has been buried and while it’s not a Heath Slater type burying (how embarrassing was that last night?), he’s not being done any favors despite the support from Vince McMahon.

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