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Forcing Roman Reigns, Sting Scenarios, Rusev's Booking, Legends' House, Cena Heel Turn, Total Divas Inconsistencies

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Do you feel WWE is trying force the push of Roman Reigns on us too soon? The match at SummerSlam with Randy Orton was lackluster, his experience is limited and there are apparently already rumblings of putting him in the main event at Wrestlemania 31. I like him but feel WWE is bound to drop the ball. What are your thoughts?

I think WWE is doing a good job with Roman Reigns and I disagree his match with Randy Orton at SummerSlam was lackluster. I thought the match was good and had the right outcome with Reigns going over. I think if Reigns would have won the title like some were hoping at WWE Money in the Bank in June or Battleground in July that it would have been too soon. His build has been tactfully handled and we're seeing the evolution of a possible top star. As for Wrestlemania 31 next year, Vince McMahon wants the show to be headlined by Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock, while Hunter prefers Roman Reigns vs. Lesnar. I believe the former is the safest bet but the latter would certainly provide an avenue to possibly produce "the next Rock." It will be an interesting situation to follow.

If/when Sting signs with WWE, I know the world is wanting to see him take on the Undertaker but he has been clear that if 'Taker can't go that Triple H is on his list as well. Do you see Sting being the answer to The Authority? How do you feel about Sting vs Bray Wyatt?

First of all, Sting has a working relationship with WWE. A deal will have to be reached for him to compete in the ring (Triple H even has a specific Performer's contract) but the two sides are definitely working together. Sting has confirmed a match against The Undertaker is what he wants but as you mentioned, there are others on that list as well. John Cena has even said he would like a match with Sting. Triple H vs. Sting with Sting serving as an answer to The Authority sounds promising. The difficulty in booking Sting is he only plans for one more match. Can he really lose his one and only WWE match? If he can't lose, it has to be someone that a loss won't hurt. Triple H and John Cena are both people that could "do the honors" and things wouldn't get complicated. Undertaker vs. Sting would be very difficult to book and the reason I've pushed back on Sting vs. Bray Wyatt is it would include many if not more issues with the outcome.

SummerSlam is a "big four" show. Does it hurt the sentiments of the people of US to have had Jack Swagger lose the flag match, which resulted in the Russian flag hoisting and national anthem. How could the creative team came up with such an ending to this bout, especially with the growing animosity between Russia and the Western world?

The point of the match was to put heat on Rusev. While Jack Swagger improved his stock with Vince McMahon in the program, the original plan was for Rusev to make short work of him. Swagger and Zeb Colter got over so well the decision was made to extend the program to SummerSlam, however, the ultimate goal was to keep the heat on Rusev. This is why he went over and the tensions between Russia and the rest of the world just help WWE in their cause to get Rusev over as a monster heel.

Will there be a second season of WWE Legends' House?

A second season of WWE Legends' House has been talked about but not confirmed. Remember, season one was filmed two years ago so we're somewhat displaced from the initial production of that show. However, from everything I've heard, WWE was happy with the show as a WWE Network original program.

I know John Cena is the face of WWE but wouldn't it be spectacular if he loses to Brock Lesnar again next month and the crowd, clearly in Brock's corner, turns Cena heel?

It's going to be interesting to see how WWE books the rematch between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The way the SummerSlam match was booked, they could have probably moved on. In fact, the decision to do a rematch wasn't made until after Monday night. I believe they kind of have to with the "rematch clause" but they can't have anywhere near the same match they had at SummerSlam, however, Lesnar needs to retain. Outside interference would be a possibility but WWE will have to tread carefully if this is to be a blow-off. WWE is trying very hard to keep Lesnar the heel and Cena the babyface but Cena continues to draw more and more heat. WWE has monitored every feud Cena has been in all summer long in order to prevent a double turn. I wouldn't hold my breath expecting a Cena heel turn, as there have been perfect scenarios in the past that WWE has refused to utilize.

Does it bother you the inconsistency with how Total Divas and WWE storylines are connected? When it's convenient, the stories are intertwined (for example the Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella connection). But Nikki Bella's relationship with John Cena is not mentioned on Raw, since Cena is a face and Nikki is now a heel. Isn't there a logic gap there?

I don't read too much into storyline inconsistencies between Total Divas and main WWE programming. Total Divas is a scripted program, meant to attract the female demographic. That doesn't mean that it doesn't draw a large number of WWE's core audience, however, the main goal is to expand their demographic. I am more concerned about the flow from Raw to Smackdown each week than I am about anything that happens on the other programs.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2012: Brodus Clay – you know, the man from Planet-funk, the Funk-a-sorus. What are your thoughts on his debut gimmick? - Believe it or not, this is the most popular question of the day. Some people loved it, some people hated it but everyone wants to know the skinny on Brodus Clay’s debut gimmick on Raw Supershow. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this type of gimmick – remember Flash Funk? I’ll admit when Justin Roberts announced him and he came out I thought it was all a huge rib. Originally thought to be a dominant force that was going to eliminate John Morrison from television, turns out to be the Funk-a-sorus from Planet Funk. They fed him Curt Hawkins so it looks like he’ll blow through enhancement workers but I have a hard time believing this gimmick can make it in the main event. It is certainly PG-friendly and gives developmental Divas Naomi and Cameron Lynn a chance to get on TV. While my initial reaction was surprise, it’s not fair to write the gimmick off as a failure or praise it as a success until it’s had a chance to progress.

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