Funkasaurus Gimmick, Diva Injured?, Surprising WWE Heel Turn, Wyatts vs. The Shield, Big Pushes Failing

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Do you believe there is any possibility WWE may repackage Brodus Clay and get him away from Tensai? I've personally always thought the Funkasaurus was a terrible gimmick.

The Funkasaurus gimmick was never a gimmick meant for a main event push, it was for comedic relief. There is a need for this type of gimmick, especially in mainstream pro wrestling that is trying to target children. With that being said, I do not see Brodus Clay portraying the Funkasaurus throughout the duration of his career. There are two sides to the coin here. On one hand Clay isn't a serious threat to work in the main event. On the other hand, he has a gimmick that gets on television and is frequently used at live events. So while he's not John Cena, he's not JTG either. One can argue the gimmick saved Tensai's career with WWE as they tried to push him as an unstoppable monster in the main event and it fell flat. Clay is a talented guy and he should be credited for getting the gimmick over.

I noticed on Monday that all the Divas will be used at Survivor Series except for Layla. Is she injured or was she just not included?

I haven't heard the status of Layla but I'm assuming she's out dealing with an injury. She hasn't competed on WWE television since the September 23, 2013 episode of Raw and wasn't on the European tour.

Are you surprised that WWE turned The Miz heel given the fact he stars in the upcoming "Christmas Bounty" movie on ABC Family? I would have thought they waited until the New Year to do it.

Yes, I am surprised that WWE turned The Miz heel on television the week before "Christmas Bounty" was set to premiere . Especially given the fact the movie is one that targets the company's younger demographic. When we heard he was portraying a heel in Europe, we were under the assumption they were "testing the waters" and would delay it after the movie. As we saw on this week's Raw, that isn't the case and it's certainly a surprise. The Miz is more effective as a heel and this does bode well for him in the longterm.

What would you think about a possible heel versus heel rivalry between The Shield and The Wyatt Family? I'd pay to see it! I don't even think they would have to turn either team face for it to work.

Readers have been clamoring for a program between The Shield and The Wyatt Family since the latter debuted on WWE television. I've pushed back on it because I don't see a desirable outcome unless it's used as a catalyst to breakup The Shield. As previously mentioned, seeing the group face-off is a look into WWE's bright future of impressive young talent.

We all know how hard Ryback was pushed to start with and then how it ended. He was paired with Paul Heyman, a genius in his own regard, but still couldn't get over. What can WWE do now? Ryback has the look, but lacks almost everything else. Do you think sending him back to NXT and repackaging him would be smart? Should WWE just demote him to a career midcard guy like Santino or should they just release him?

WWE has a bad habit of pushing talent too hard too fast and as a result, it does damage to the worker's career. For every Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio there's a Tensai, Mike Knox, Gene Snitsky, Ryback, Great Khali, etc. There are two schools of thought and it's almost relatable to the NFL. When a team drafts a stud rookie quarterback, some believe the best way for them to learn is to be a backup for a couple of years. Others believe it's imperative they immediately get on the field and start at the position. The same thing happens in pro wrestling. I'm more for building guys up through the mid card as I feel there are a lot of benefits to it rather than throwing someone very green in a position where they're expected to compete at the highest level. Ryback couldn't capitalize and I don't think people view him as a viable main event talent as a result. However, that hasn't stopped WWE from trying multiple times and they're pitching top level programs involving him for next year. I have more on that here on Premium.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2009: I've watched the ending to John Cena-Sheamus at WWE TLC a few times now, and I noticed that when Sheamus fell off the top turnbuckle, there was a table on its side next to him. Do you think Sheamus and John Cena were supposed to simultaneously go through tables thus ending the match in a draw? - No, the plan was for Sheamus to beat John Cena and win the WWE Championship. Company officials just kept it more quiet than usual to pull off the swerve finish.

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