Future Of Bo Dallas, Orton Time Off, Replacing Mysterio, What's Next For Sting

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What is your opinion on the in-ring work of Bo Dallas? I have to say that I find him quite basic and bland.

Basic and bland are good to describe the in-ring work of Bo Dallas. The money in Dallas is in his mic work and personality, not his look or in-ring. It’s not that he has bad in-ring work or a bad look, I would describe both as adequate. It’s just finding the right mixture for him to be a success. A good example is Bo Dallas’ real-life brother in Bray Wyatt.

When Wyatt was first introduced to the main WWE audience as Husky Harris five years ago, it was hard to find many positives. He didn’t have much of a look and he just seemed like “another guy” as a member of The Nexus faction. But when repackaged as Bray Wyatt, he developed into a character that has so much mystique that he gets compared to The Undertaker. Not only that but he worked John Cena at Wrestlemania last year and Undertaker himself at Wrestlemania this year.

Moving forward, we can say Bray Wyatt has as much upside as almost anyone on the WWE roster. The right mixture was found.

Bo Dallas is a guy that WWE is still trying to figure out how to best utilize him. A match against Neville at Elimination Chamber is interesting because some of Dallas’ best in-ring work to date has been in matches with Neville. But it will take more than a solid match to carve out a role for Bo Dallas in WWE. I personally liked the idea of aligning Bo Dallas with Bray Wyatt but that was scrapped a couple weeks ago.

I've noticed that Randy Orton hasn't been Raw or Smackdown in a couple of weeks now. Has he been given some personal leave to rest or is there no current storyline for him to be involved in?

Randy Orton worked Bray Wyatt in a dark match main event at Monday’s final Raw taping in Long Island, New York. Orton went over in the bout and will go in the record books as the final person to win a pro wrestling match at the venue. We talked about Orton in our Backstage Raw Notes, explaining there is no storyline for him right now.

I know WWE wanted to really focus on Sin Cara as their new Rey Mysterio. Do you thin they’ve finally found that in the Lucha Dragons?

WWE was quickly humbled when they thought they could bring in another successful Lucha Libre talent in Místico, put him in a masked gimmick and have instant success as someone to fill the void of Rey Mysterio. It didn’t work out and they even had to replace who portrayed the Sin Cara gimmick. Now, with the addition of Kalisto, the tide seems to have turned with the formation of The Lucha Dragons tag team. Chalk this up to another successful project from WWE NXT, where they were able to get a plan for the duo and bring them to the main WWE roster.

I just got finished typing about finding the right mix with talent like Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt. That’s what has happened with Kalisto and Sin Cara. They’ve found the right mix. Now, is it sustainable? I believe as long as Vince McMahon is on his “tag team kick,” it is. WWE will likely milk the tag team for all that its worth as it will give them talent they can market under masks, which are very successful merchandise items.

What’s next for Sting?

As far as I know, Sting does not have any in-ring commitments with WWE moving forward but he is doing appearances on behalf of the company. Another match for Sting will be finding the right opportunity and I believe that opportunity still exists in a bout against The Undertaker. It’s certainly a possibility for Wrestlemania 32 next year, however, it’s still a little early to talk about it.

When Sting signed with WWE, he said he wanted one more match — one against The Undertaker. Vince McMahon wanted that too but Hunter wanted a match with Sting for himself. We had that at Wrestlemania this year. Any future bout will hinge on Sting’s desire and ability to do so and the same for The Undertaker. In other words, we’ll just have to wait and see what Sting has left — if anything.

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