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Future Of The Shield, WWE Making A Mistake With HHH?, Christian, Devon Gone From TNA?

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What are the future booking plans for The Shield? It seems like they were all strapped then put into the background?

Booking backwards creates interesting situations as one could argue The Shield took a step back AFTER winning the WWE United States and WWE Tag Team Championship respectively. The group was booked with confidence early on, going over main event talent on pay-per-view. When booked like that, there's only one way to go. After taking a background role, the group has been functioning as the enforcers of Triple H in the main storyline this fall. They've weathered some backstage politics and are still doing well. I do not think it's time to break them up just yet but still believe there is a lot of potential in the faction.

Do you think we really needed Triple H back on WWE television?

Yes, without John Cena WWE needed more star power and the Triple H/McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan angle fulfills that purpose. Vince McMahon has a reputation for over-saturating programming with his own character but I'm not burnt out on it yet. I actually think I'm in the minority as I'm actually enjoying Daniel Bryan's chase so far.

I remember a report posted here that Christian was in line for a decent babyface push. Is that still the case or has WWE pulled back on that?

Christian was in the midst of the push we reported on as he went on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. However, things have been halted after he suffered a concussion while working against Randy Orton on the August 26th episode of Monday Night Raw. He's a reliable veteran that WWE has the ability to push at any time.

Why did Devon leave TNA Wrestling?

At this point I'm under the impression that Devon's TNA departure was for storyline purposes. He has a contract through October and he's taking indy dates as a TNA talent. We'll see if anything changes.

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