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Gail Kim's WWE Contract, Edge On WWE TV, Orton The Same As Cena?, Mark Henry

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Gail Kim quit WWE, something WWE never acknowledged with a "future endeavored" send-off, but doesn't she have a 90-day non compete clause?

Given the fact Gail Kim has already done a public interview and has now deflected back to TNA Impact Wrestling, I'm under the assumption she did not have a non-compete clause attached to her three-year WWE contract. While Gail's contract expired and she didn't re-sign, in most cases there are still non-compete clauses attached to deals unless negotiated otherwise. It looks like she didn't have the clause.

Will Edge ever return to weekly WWE television?

Edge is not medically cleared to compete so if he ever came back it would have to be in a non-wrestling role such as announcing. When a worker cannot get in the ring they have a limit on how much their character can be exposed because when the character is overexposed with no matches, it becomes monotonous. Edge is still under some type of contract with WWE as he was not released when his career was abruptly ended due to injury.

People are always crying for John Cena to change his gimmick, but why not Randy Orton? Randy Orton has been the same monotone character for years. WWE also makes it like he's invincible.

Randy Orton has made multiple transitions from heel to babyface over the years. While I realize some people are not fans of Orton, hence your "monotone" comment, he's had much more character progression than that of John Cena. WWE has been careful not to alter Orton's character too much but they have still altered it. You have to realize the frustration with Cena has to do with the fact they have been doing the exact same thing for years.

Why is Mark Henry being pushed? He's awful on the mic, limited in the ring and boring to watch; not to mention very unhealthy looking. I don't think he should be champion, what are your thoughts?

Mark Henry is receiving this push because he is a reliable veteran the company feels has gotten over with his latest gimmick transition. With Mark Henry you aren't going to get a five star wrestling match as his size limits what he can do in the ring. While he's not Big Show in terms of versatility, he's not The Great Khali either. Henry's abilities are somewhere in-between but his size does limit his matches. I've actually been a fan of the latest Mark Henry gimmick because it's believable. I wouldn't be heartbroken if the push ended but given the rub he's already received, WWE must be careful with how they end it. Prematurely ending the run could make all the opponents he's gone through look weak. All and all Mark Henry has benefited from being a guy that is dependable along with the lack of development in terms of star quality.

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