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It seems likely that WWE wouldn't have put so much pressure on John Cena to return to action so soon after surgery if the stipulation for the main event of the next pay-per-view was not already predetermined. Do you feel this demonstrates a knock against having stipulation-themed pay-per-views, particularly Hell In A Cell? Might WWE be better off scrapping the Hell In A Cell PPV and going back to only using the match sporadically when it is warranted, for example HHH vs. Undertaker?

The gimmicked pay-per-view has nothing to do with John Cena's return timetable and WWE already has a backup plan in Ryback should Cena not be able to go. The gimmicked pay-per-views are done to give viewers a reason to order them. Rather than hinging on name value alone, WWE surveyed fans years back and determined there was substantial interest in certain gimmicks that would motivate pay-per-view buys. I like the way WWE has done the pay-per-views by not overkilling the gimmick by only highlighting them in main events.

When do WrestleMania 29 tickets go on sale?

As we broke here on (with the help of WNW reader Kevin Eperjesi), tickets for Wrestlemania XXIX will go on sale Saturday, November 10, 2012. There should be a presale earlier that week and we'll have details before it happens.

With CM Punk being "a Paul Heyman guy", can we expect a future tag team between Punk and Brock Lesnar? After the closing segment of this week's Raw with Ryback I thought it would be an awesome idea if WWE make a match CM Punk/Brock Lesnar vs John Cena/Ryback. Are there such plans?

For the record, are you suggesting you would be for a Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback program? There is an update you need to read here on Richard's Backstage Blog. This scenario would present several problems in which I do not see a plausible outcome.

When Linda McMahon's campaign for United States Senate ends (win or lose), will this end WWE's focus on PG, politically-driven (to avoid talking points for Linda's campaign) programming and a beginning of more risqué/attitude-like content?

There is a short answer to this question; no. Vince McMahon has remained committed to PG programming because he feels it gives WWE more opportunities to spread their product across a myriad of platforms. The best hope any wrestling fan can have is that Linda McMahon won't win the race and throw in the towel to her political career. However, given the fact she has spent tens of millions of the family fortune, I'm not sure that is something she would be willing to do.

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