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Goldberg At Wrestlemania 32?, Royal Rumble Plans, Charlotte Heel Turn, Bryan Returning?

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Is WWE seriously considering paying Bill Goldberg to participate in Wrestlemania to work with Brock Lesnar? They worked the worst Wrestlemania match together ever 12 years ago

In a recent premium news piece Richard touched upon the fact there has been some communication between Bill Goldberg and WWE about potentially working a match at Wrestlemania 32 with Brock Lesnar (If you haven't read it or signed up to Premium then click here, as well as a premium update posted yesterday here). The interest of TNA in Goldberg is sure to have increased speculation about a WWE return, but it's going to come down to money as much as anything. Goldberg is still considered a huge draw in my opinion, despite not being seen in WWE since that ill-fated match at Wrestlemania 20 against Brock Lesnar.

It's no secret that neither Brock or Goldberg wanted to be in the match or even at the event, as both wanted to leave WWE at that point. Because of those circumstances I believe that we could have potentially seen a better match between these two. Therefore I feel a match at Wrestlemania 32 given both now have interest in being there could be a better watch to erase the memory of that last atrocity of a match. It's going to come down to money for Goldberg coming to WWE, and it seems we have this same conversation every year now. I don't expect to see Goldberg in WWE this year, but it's not impossible we will see him back in the future.

Do you see Roman Reigns losing his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble? Or maybe Triple H inserting himself into the Rumble match itself and winning?

I can see a couple of scenario's taking place to lead to a Triple H and Roman Reigns match at Wrestlemania 32. The first of those involves Roman Reigns losing the WWEE World Heavyweight Championship. I expect him to defeat Sheamus at the Royal Rumble, and potentially he would drop the belt at Elimination Chamber with Triple H being the sole cause of this, leading to a matchup between the two at Wrestlemania.

The other scenario I can see involves Triple H doing one of two things; the first being inserting himself into the Royal Rumble match as entrant number 30 and going on to win the Rumble. The second of those sees him abusing his power to insert himself into the main event of Wrestlemania nearer to the show to make sure that the odds are stacked against Roman at Wrestlemania.

If I was going to take an educated guess at which of the scenario's will most likely occur then I would say it's more likely Reigns drops the title before Wrestlemania, giving the match a more personal feel and build. The feud with Triple H and Roman very much has the potential to become the modern day Austin and McMahon feud, and with Roman being seen as the next face of the company then this would be the perfect opportunity to build that feud.

Will Charlotte complete her heel turn and turn on Becky Lynch?

I feel like it's only a matter of time before this happens. It's evident from the way Charlotte is being booked that WWE are testing the waters with her as a heel. I think it's safe to say that there is far too much of Ric Flair in the new Charlotte character and it isn't really working out. Does that mean the company shouldn't try to persevere with the turn? Not at all, and I think the best time to complete it would be in some kind of tag team match. It's the only moment I can see the turn working effectively. Whether that sees Charlotte walking out on Becky during a match, or her blindside attacking Becky after Ric helps the team win another match, or even another scenario following a tag team match I don't know but I feel if WWE don't pull the trigger before or at the Royal Rumble then I believe the whole turn is a complete waste of time.

Why don't WWE just bite the bullet and bring back Daniel Bryan?

I think a lot of fans are asking this same question, especially given the recent dip in ratings. There is really only one man who can save the company right now and his name is Daniel Bryan. The problem WWE has is they have to be very careful how they handle Bryan given his history of neck and concussion issues. If Bryan isn't willing to change his style then there is always a higher risk of re-injury to him. That is a situation WWE are going to want to avoid at all costs. WWE doesn't have anything to lose in bringing Bryan back, but I'm sure there are many critics who would just claim WWE were doing it because their hand is being forced. But risk of re-injury certainly has to play on their minds given the injuries Bryan has sustained that have resulted in time off over the last 18 months.

The question remains though; is there more to why WWE are refusing to clear Bryan? While we know he has had independent medical clearance for the issues keeping him out of action, one has to question if there is something more to what's going on with Bryan? I can't see WWE, as a company that wants to please it's fans and wants to make money keeping it's most popular star out of action for no particular reason. Bryan himself has said he isn't done with wrestling, but is he done with WWE? I genuinely hope not and I hope that we see him as a surprise entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble match as that would be the best way and time to bring him back into action. But if that happens I hope the WWE Universe doesn't get all moody with the creative direction when he doesn't win like they did the last two years when he didn't win it.

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