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Goldberg Back To WWE, Fixing Roman Reigns, WWE Star's Career Over?, Caveat Of Smackdown Live

Bill Goldberg

Is there any chance WWE brings back Bill Goldberg?

There is absolutely a chance WWE brings back Goldberg as his deal to appear in the WWE 2K17 video game was the first step, something that happened with both The Ultimate Warrior and Sting. That deal did not directly involve WWE, as Bill worked with 2KSports, who worked with WWE, but this deal has been used as a bridge to mend relationships as I already mentioned. We reported in June that talks were in the “early stages” about having Goldberg come back to work Wrestlemania 33 but his price would have to come down considerably. I know there was talk and speculation about Goldberg coming back for the brand extension but we noted that was not true and if he were to come back it likely wouldn’t be until next year. I personally feel WWE needs to build a Wrestlemania around their new talent and leave all of the old part-time veterans alone but we’ll have to see how this plays out. For more on the discussions that book place in early June, you can read our report at this link.

An upper midcard program guaranteed to get him over as a babyface. Isn’t Rusev and the WWE United States Championship the feud the company should have given Roman Reigns all along?

Yes, I think Roman Reigns vs. Rusev in a program for the WWE United States Championship is a good move and it’s a move that should have been made before the company tried to force Reigns as the top babyface. If Vince is still hellbent on Reigns as a babyface, what a better way than someone like Rusev, who is going to garner heel heat no matter what. I don’t think it’s too late either, it’s just regretful they’ve tried so hard for so long and are now reigning it in as it should have been two or three years ago. Reigns could still be a top guy in WWE, it just didn’t happen like Vince had hoped.

What is the current status of Tyson Kidd?

We reported here on Premium in our Members content on June 15, 2016 that the WWE Performer’s Contract of Tyson Kidd is coming up soon and WWE has told him they do not believe he’ll ever be medically cleared to compete. It’s a huge blow and couldn’t have happened to a better guy but the chances of him working in a WWE match again are not good.

Since Smackdown was filmed on Tuesday, but aired on Thursday, why didn't the live show go on Thursday, the day most people watched?

Smackdown was moved to Tuesday nights because it is more cost-effective for WWE to tape television consecutively as opposed to bringing everyone out on the road multiple times a week. The way it works now when there is a pay-per-view, WWE has their production and setup crews on the road Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They are then able to go home until the next round. Had Smackdown remained live on Thursday nights on the USA Network, they would have had to fly home after Raw and back out on Wednesday, only to have to be ready for a pay-per-view or Raw the following Monday. The caveat to Smackdown going live was that they had to switch the night because they didn’t want to alter their cost-effective taping schedule.

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