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Goldberg Not Part Of WWE, New PPV Concept, Returning From Suspension, New Talent

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With WWE releasing a new Goldberg DVD this fall, what are the chances he'll return to the company to promote it?

Bill Goldberg is not part of the project as he's on record as to saying that it is not a collaborative effort. I don't know how else to put this other than Goldberg doesn't get along with Vince McMahon and Triple H. We never like to say never in this business but I think Bill's days in the rings are over. The fact that fans still remember him and chant his name goes to show his impact on the business.

Have you heard anything about WWE Battleground other than the name change?

I heard there was a possibility of a war games type concept like what WCW used to do with multiple rings but the seating chart does not reflect that. Will it be a gimmick pay-per-view or is the name change like what they did with WWE Payback? I haven't heard for sure but am assuming the latter until I hear otherwise. Tickets are on sale now as the show takes place on Sunday, October 6, 2013 in Buffalo, New York.

Will Ricardo Rodriguez return with Alberto Del Rio now that his suspension is up?

Ricardo Rodriguez's WWE suspension is up and he is eligible to return to the company. As far as I know he'll rejoin Alberto Del Rio as I haven't heard anything different. For those that need a recap, Rodriguez was suspended on Thursday, July 2, 2013 for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. You can view our list of WWE Suspensions at this link. As for what caused Rodriguez's suspension, I'm told it was an over-the-counter fat-burning agent similar to hydroxycut.

A main reason for WCW's downfall in the latest 1990s was the lack of new stars. WWE hasn't built any major stars since John Cena. Shouldn't Vince McMahon wake up before it's too late?

I categorically reject everything stated in this question. First off, WCW went out because they spent money like a drunken sailor because they thought Ted Turner was always going to fund it. Even then, what finalized their demise was losing their television deal. As for WWE not building new stars, aside from the other top names working alongside Cena, take a look at the talent that made their Wrestlemania debuts this year. How about Daniel Bryan in the SummerSlam main event? Have you heard of a guy named CM Punk? The Shield? The Wyatt Family? Curtis Axel? Come on now, if there is one thing that WWE does right it's developing talent and taking them to the next level. Check out the WWE Performance Center and its capabilities combined with the fact it's loaded with call-up ready talent.

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