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Hulk Hogan

What is your perspective on Goldust's current work in WWE?

Goldust is having the best stint of his career in 2013. I realize he's won other titles and has been in the business for 23 years but I'll argue that today, he's taken more seriously than he has been in his entire career. It's actually quite phenomenal when you sit back and think about it. After all these years the chips have finally aligned for him and not only for his good, but also to help elevate Cody Rhodes. This is also the sentiment shared by many in the WWE locker room. His work has been off the charts and I've already made a strong case that he understands how to play his character as good as anyone on the WWE roster. I'm not saying Goldust is in line for a world title run but this late-career resurgence is one I'm rooting for like never before.

Do you think that Hulk Hogan has a deal with WWE?

This is a story everyone is trying to get ahead of and the rumors escalated off a report by I cannot confirm this report as of this writing and haven't mentioned it until now. Since I've received a lot of questions about Hogan returning to WWE, let me tell you what I do know. Hulk Hogan had an option attached to his TNA contract for another year, however, TNA wanted to "sign him to an extension," which was basically a way of asking him to take a pay cut for more years on his deal. Hogan was not receptive to taking less money and felt he still had value in the eyes of WWE. Regardless of what Eric Bischoff claims, Hogan in WWE 2K14 was one of the first steps in Hogan re-building the bridge for him back to WWE. However, let's also be clear - Hogan didn't think TNA would actually decline the option to his contract and they did. This left Hogan a "free agent," which is his status currently. Now Hogan is clearly interested in returning to WWE and sources within WWE indicate there is obviously interest from the McMahon machine. The question seems to indicate - what would Hogan's role be in WWE? I was told WWE wanted something that would feature him on television but used primarily for merchandise and licensing. Hogan's camp claims he wants John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX. So that's where we are - Hogan is interested and WWE is interested. The issue is now, what would a Hogan to WWE deal look like? The Examiner report claims Hogan and WWE have a verbal agreement. Let me remind you what a verbal agreement looks like in the wrestling business - Lex Luger, who verbally agreed to re-sign with the WWF, debuted live on WCW Monday Nitro on September 4, 1995.

Now that John Cena is the World Heavyweight Champion, does that mean WWE is finally giving both world titles equal importance?

This topic always brings me back to a point Adam Wacker made in an article here on back in May. The champion defines the championship, the title doesn't define the worker. No one is going to look at the World title as second-tier with John Cena holding it, a point he made in a recent interview. So Cena as World Heavyweight Champion absolutely helps with the prestige of the belt but how it's treated after Cena will determine its standing.

Does WWE offer tours through their Performance Center?

The WWE Performance Center is not open to the public at this time. There has been a lot of talk about developing a WWE tourist attraction in Orlando that will operate as the company's physical Hall of Fame. WWE was in negotiations with Universal Studios about bringing it there, however, they wanted exclusive rights to the park. Universal wouldn't give them exclusive rights if they wouldn't agree to tape a show there. Now that TNA has returned, it remains to be seen if WWE will still push to have their Hall of Fame in the same park as TNA Wrestling.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2010: Jonathan Coachman now works for ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. If you watch any of the ESPN networks you will probably see him at some point. I certainly do not blame Coachman for pursuing a career in sports broadcasting as there are very few things that could take me away from my position here at Wrestling News World but it would be hard for me to turn down a position with ESPN.

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