Good News On Daniel Bryan, Did Roman Reigns Diss CM Punk?, Honoring Owen Hart

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Having not appeared on WWE TV since the April 16 episode of Smackdown, do you have an update on Daniel Bryan?

The latest update on Daniel Bryan is that he is being advertised locally for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is not, however, on the official show listing on the WWE website.

We’ll wait and see what happens but the situation with Bryan appears more optimistic today then it did a couple weeks ago. We were never able to get 100 percent confirmation on what is bothering Bryan but from what I’ve been able to gather, it was a separate situation from the issues that kept him out the majority of 2014.

The biggest thing for Daniel Bryan is that he not rush back to the ring and that he is healthy when he returns. As long as he’s healthy, I have no issue with him working and believe he should still be pushed as a top tier superstar.

Do you have a reaction to Roman Reigns making comments about CM Punk at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con last Thursday?

Roman Reigns is making headlines for saying at Comic Con Philadelphia last Thursday the only thing CM Punk made was the Pepsi tattoo on his shoulder [when answering a question about who made The Shield]. He said a lot of people had their hands on The Shield, they have a huge creative team, but ultimately himself, Dean [Ambrose] and Seth [Rollins] made The Shield. They were just going to do it and ask for forgiveness later.

You can watch the comments around the 16-minute mark in a video at this link.

For those that don’t remember, CM Punk stated he pitched The Shield faction but had Chris Hero (or Kassius Ohno) in the place of Roman Reigns but Triple H vetoed him. I know for a fact Punk had been pitching a faction similar to The Shield but it’s also true The Shield trio was “made” by the success of Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins.

Reigns’ comments about Punk do not offend me, nor do Punk’s comments about him pitching the faction. I’m sure there will be a lot of opinions both ways, I just don’t have a strong position. Reigns and Punk have different fan bases. They did before these comments and that will not change after these comments.

What do you think about Martha Hart’s reluctance to work with WWE to honor Owen Hart?

WWE is rumored to be working on a DVD set highlighting the career of Owen Hart but it does not have the blessing of Martha Hart. This angers a lot of fans that Martha won’t just get behind a WWE-related project for her late husband but I believe they fail to understand her position.

First, as a fan of Owen Hart, I want him in the WWE Hall of Fame and any material honoring his great career that was cut far too short. However, I also realize there are very strong emotions tied to this. Martha blames the sports entertainment company for Owen’s death. A stunt he wasn’t comfortable with and something that could have been avoided that ultimately resulted in his death.

Therefore, I’m careful about interjecting a lot of opinion. I want Owen honored but I understand it’s not as cut and dry as some believe that is should be. I want more material honoring Owen Hart but it’s important that WWE do it in a way that respects his wishes and his family.

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